this is a reaction to the

Declaration for a
Free and Undivided Sarajevo

Sarajewo is fighting the siege of Serbs who want to destroy it.
Sarajewo is fighting the "International Community", who are betraying its own univsersally declared values.
And Sarajewo is fighting its own rulers who threaten to destroy
the civilization they are unable defend.

in the post Yugoslavia Countries

In a situation where prejudice, hate and fear between people of different ethnic backgrounds has grown almost unchallenged, it is necessary to start with building up communication links. Helping people to reach out to each other, to begin a new relationships, to revive old friendships is of utmost importance.

ZTN Network:

Muslims E-mail Croats, Serbs contact
Macedonians, Slovenians chat to
ethnic Albanians in Serbia's Kosovo region
-- computers do not recognize
nationalities or faith--just users.

Media WAR

The image of a civil war
served among other things
as a reason for non-intervention.

Zagreb: Radio TTT

We believe that it is
time to find a way to give
a new voice to underground and subculture--
a voice in the air....a means for expression,
for finding new ways of life.

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