(Turn The Tape)

RADIO TTT (105.0 FM and other freqs);
Zagreb, Croatia, Europe

RADIO TTT is Radio Turn The Tape. This name was chosen because we know that it's not easy to transmit 24 hours a day. So we stimulate people to tape our program and distribute it in any way. Radio TTT is a local, independent, virTTTual, completely illegal, untraceable, insignificant and pirate radio station in Zagreb, Croatia, Europe which has virtually 200.000 listeners younger than 30. If you want to talk about identity: it's hard core transnational sounds, based on the sound of the Zagreb underground clubs.

This autonomous media has been continuously presenting all the new, alternative musical and social movements for the last 17 months (with several interruptions). Besides this, we are developing a soundlab, independent of the radio, where experiments with mixing, sampling and World Wide Web communication are carried out, and then transmitted on Radio TTT. There is a possible connection with the Alternative Club in Zagreb that some friends are working on. It could host the soundlab and our workshop. We are also involved in INTERNET radio, networking, some sound and art projects, and underground social movements.

Our program includes all the alternative, engaging and independent music, and all the music which is not recorded in the big recording houses. The manner in which various records and programmes are presented in our program is rather unusual and unique in this small part of the world called Zagreb, and it also includes early morning (8 - 10 AM, ha, ha!) presentations, weird talk shows, mixxes, recorded conversations from outer space, unusual approach to themes related to the human sexuality, strange reports made in lo-fi techniques, mind-broadening culture broadcastings, Jungle DJ-ing, soundart performances, authorial programmings, alter-info show, edited movie sounds all night long, etc.

The coming month we will stage transmissions on 105 FM (but we are changing our transmitting frequency from time to time). Depending on the position of the antenna, it has a range of 20-30 km (our transmitter is 30 Watts). Of course, we build up further subversions on the air.

Our programme is provisionally aimed at the 15 - 45 year old listeners. It is made of 1 minute to 4 hour long programmes, and are presented by people like your good self. These features/packages show a quirky, different, odd, special, amusing, witty, strange, peculiar or otherwise interesting aspect of life in our part of interests. One important feature of this programme is variety. It has serious moments as well as a lighter side. We'd like to show differences between people in a positive light, embracing differences and celebrating the variety of culture, art, social movements, even politics, if it doesn't sound too grandious!

The programme is produced by several people in Zagreb, Croatia, either illegaly in studios of established radio stations or at home studios put together out of private equipment. We are careful, mobile and low cost. No disaster if the equipment gets caught. For example: one of the operation modes is just a walkman with a prepared program (tape), connected to the transmitter. Next we will link the transmitter with the public adress (PA) of one of the clubs, and alternate this soundspace with experimental soundbytes. When people get caught, we will have news. We are prepared to make good use of that. We are about ten people involved in this thing, with few international connections (Europe and America).

RADIO TTT is broadcasting from different hidden and illegal (non-traceable, we hope!) places on several frequencies, but the main one is 105.0 FM, stereo in anticolor, cinemascope and monstero dolby technique. Main channel of information exchange with outer world are (at the moment): Email, ARKZIN, Internet, brain waves, good vibrations and Z-rays in fight for the better World.

Everybody knows how ridiculous the electronic media situation is in Croatia, compared to Europe and world. In Croatia some microstations like us do exist (Radio Nula in Vinkovci, Radio Go-Go in Medjimurje, Radio North-Northwest in Varazdin...). Radio L.A.E. in Labin is banned by government some weeks ago. But in Zagreb nothing happens, apart from Radio 101 (recently independent from influence of ruling party HDZ), Radio Velika Gorica and other local (mostly narrow-minded) radios, and HRT - Croatian Radio Television (national program).

Financial support we get from ourselves and our friends. Official donors don't really engage in adventures like this as you know. We only need about 3000$ to build up our studio much better, and to get some equipment.

Our account in Holland is available: - giroaccount Dutch Postbank #3452284, van der Spek, Amsterdam, Netherlands or else use ARKZIN account /marked: TTT/: - Varazdinska Banka, Croatia, 34800-620-16, ARKZIN account: 2500-71-0816396

We are very keen for this project to succeed. We believe it can succeed with the wealth of talent available in our city and around the globe.

Thank you for the feedback.

RADIO TTT / ARKZIN, Republike Austrije 23/I, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Europe
tel/fax: +385 / 1 / 571 911
or:PO BOX 10591 1001 AD Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Europe
You can also hear some excerpts on the NET (RealAudio option):


Also TNX for ideas, support, and more ideas: Jojo, Txe Linguaphones, Dadi & the Fujtones, DJ Boyo, Geert, radio vawes, Philippe, Bruce, Tiki, Paul Baldwin, Veljac, Brian Virgin (initial support!), Tanja T., Frank Haulgren, Sanja&Pascal&odlicne baklave, RuTta & Dejan (SkArt Studio), Vesna J., Rubber Party Team, Igor Il Fantastico, Boris R., Guglielmo Marconi, Inge from Sweeeeden, Seka i dobre vibracije, Nikola Tesla, whole TTT team, Sinisa-Aron, St. Lucy, Sejvaj Sisko!, and all the others who couldn't be mentioned, 'cause I'm in hurry.

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