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Table of Contents Winter 1998

The NSA has been snooping
the world's telecommunications traffic for years...
the top secret project ECHELON is exposed in
former New Zeland Intelligence Agent
Nicky Hager's book SECRET POWER

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Covert Briefs

Right Thinking, Big Grants, and Long-term Strategy:
How Conservative Philantholopies and Think Tanks Transform US Policy

by Sally Covington
Speaking truth to power is all well and good, but applying the dictum
"Money talks," coservative foundations have long been bankrolling like-minded
think tanks and advocacy groups. Together, they have effected radical change.

Inside the Mind of Torture: The story of Apartheid's Electrician
by Jacques Pauw

In apatheid South Africa as in Nazi Germany, official terrorism was not
symply an abstract function of state, ir relied on the cooperation of many
individuals. It was not only political, it was often deeply personal. Adeath
squad member reminisces on his enjoyment of the job: torturing and killing
too many victims to remember.
available in print only

Apartheid's Poison Legacy:
South Africa's Chemical and Biological Warfare Program

by De Wet Potgieter

In apartheid, South Africa's securocrats poisoned opponents, spread toxins and disease
germs in the name of white supremacy. Now, the new culture of violence government
must decide if it can expose the past without loosing the gain of CBW proliferation.

Crypto AG: The NSA's Trojan Whore?
byWayne Madsen

For at least half a century, the US has been intercepting and decrypting
the top secret communications of most of the world's governments.

Promise Keepers, Religious Revival, and Cultural Militarism
by Lee Cokorinos and Alfred Ross

Evangelical Fevor and military rhtric converge in a handsomely-funded cabal of male
supremacists who aim to codify the intimacies of family life, warp the rerrain of work
life, and shrink government oversight. If they keep their promise, we're in trouble.

available in print only

Off the Shelf: Books of Interest
by Phillip Smith

available in print only

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