CovertAction Back Issues

No. 1 (July 1978) Agee on CIA; Cuban exile trial; consumer research in Jamaica.''*

No.2(0ct. 1978)How ClA recruits diplomats; researching undercover officers; double agent in CIA.*

No. 3 (Jan 1979) CIA attacks CAIB- secret Army manual • spying on host countries. *

NO. 4 (Apr.-May 1979) U.S. spies in Italian services; CIA in Spain; CIA recruiting for Afnca; subversive academics, Angola.''*

No. 5 (July-Aug. 1979) U.S. intelligence in Southeast Asia; CIA in Denmark Sweden, Grenada.*

No. 6 (Oct. 1979) U.S. in Caribbean- Cuban exile terrorists- CIA plans for Mcaragua- ClA's secret "Perspectives for Intelligence."*

NO. 7 (Dec. 1979-Jan. 1980) Media destabilization in Jamaica; Robert Moss; CIA propaganda budget; media operations; UNITA; Iran.''*

NO. 8 (Mar.-Apr. 1980) Attacks on Agee- U.S. intelligence legislation- CAIB statement to Congress, Zimbabwe- Northern Ireland. *

No. 9 (June 1990) NSA in Norway; Glomar Explorer; mind control; notes on NSA.

No. 10 (Au9.-Sept. 1980) Caribbean; destabilization in Jamaica; Guyana; Grenada bombing; "The Spike"; deep cover manual. *

No. 11 (Dec. 1980) Rightwing terrorism; South Korea; KCIA; Portugal; Guyana; Canbbean; AFIO; NSA interview.

No. 12 (Apr. 1981) U.S. in El Salvador & Guatemala; New Right; William Casey, CIA in Mozambique- mail surveillance.*

No.13(July-Aug.1981)S.Africa documents; Namibia; mercenanes; theKlan-Globe Aero; Angola; Mozambique; BOSS; Cent. America; Max Hugel mail surveillance.

No. 14-15 (Oct. 1981) Index to nos. 1-12; review of intelligence legislation; CAIB plans- extended Naming Names.

No. 16 (Mai. 1982) Green Beret torture in El Saivador, Argentine death squads CIA media operations; Seycheiles; Angola; Mozambique- the Klan- Nugan Hand.*

No. 17 (Summer 1982) CBW history; Cuban dengue epidemic; Scott Barnes and "yellow rain" lies- mystery death in Bangkok.*

No. 18 (Winter 1983) CIA & religion; "secret" war in Nicaragua- Opus Dei; Miskitos; evangelicals-Gua~emala; Summer Inst. of Linguistics- World Medical Relief; CIA & BOSS; tonure; S. Africa; Vietnam defoliation.*

No.19(Spring-Summer1983)CIA media; history of disinformation;"plot" against Pope- Grenada airport- Georgie Anne Geyer.

No. 20 (Winter 1984) Invasion of Grenada; war in Nicaragua; Ft. Huachuca; Israel and South Korea connections in Central America; KAL flight 007.

No. 21 (Spring 1984) New York Times and the Salvadoran election- Time and Newsweekdistortions; Accuracy in Media- Nicaragua.

No. 22 (Fall 1984) Mercenaries & terrorism; Soldier of Forrune; "prvatizing" the war in Nicaragua- U.S.-South African terror- Italian fascists.

No. 23 (Spring 1985) "Plot" to kill Pope/'Bulgarian Connection", ties to Turkish and Italian neofascists.

No. 24 (Summer 1985) State repression, infiltrators, provocateurs- sanctuary movement; American Indian Movement; Leonard Peltier; NASSCO strike; Arnau de Borchgrave, Moon, and Moss, Tetra Tech.

No. 25 (Winter 1986)U.S., Nazis, and Vatican; Knights of Malta- Greek civil war/Elent; WACL and Nicaragua; torture.

NO. 26 (Summer 1986) U.S. state terrorism; Vemon Walters; Libya bombing; contra agents; Israel & S. Africa; Duarte; media in Costa Rica; democracy in Nicaragua- Index to nos. 13-25.*

No. 27 (Spring 1987): Special:-Religious Right: New York Times & Pope Plot; Cariucci; Southern Air Transport; Michael Ledeen.*

NO.28 (Summer 1987) Special CIA and drugs: S.E. Asia, Afghanistan, Central America- Nugan Hand, MICULIRA in Canada; Delta Force; AIDS theories and CBW.''

No.29(Winter 1988) Special-Pacific: Philippines, Fiji, New Zealand, Belau, Kanaky, Vanuatu; atom teSting; media on Nicaragua; Reader's Digest, CIA in Cuba; Tibet; Agee on Veil; more on AIDS.*

NO.30 (Summer 1988) Special-Middle East; The intifada; Israeli arms sales; Israel in Africa; disinfommation and Libya; ClA's William Buckley; the Afghan arms pipeline and contra lobby.

No. 31 (Winter 1989) Special-domestic surveillance: The FBI, CIA on campus; Office of Public Diplomacy; Lexington Prison; Puerto Rico.

No.32 (Summer 1989) Tenth Year Anniversary Issue: The Best of CAIB. Includes articles from our earliest issues, Naming Names, CIA at home, abroad, and in the media Ten-year perspective by Philip Agee.

No.33(Winter 1990) Bush Issue: CIA agents for Bush; Terrorism Task Force; El Salvador and Nicaragua intervention; Republicans and Nazis.

No.34 (Summer 1990) FBVCIA Role in Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.; Nicaraguan elections, South African death squads, U.S. and Pol Pot, Noriega and the CIA; Council for National Policy.

No.35 (Fall 1990) Special-Eastem Europe; Analysis-Persian Gulf & Cuba; massacres in Indonesia; CIA and Banks; Iran-contra.

No.36 (Spring 1991) Special-Racism & Nat. Secunty. FBI v. Arab-Ams. & Black Officials; Destabilizing Africa; Chad, Uganda, S. Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Zaire; Haiti; Panama; Gulf War; COINTELPRO "art."

No.37 (Summer 1991 ) Special-Gulf War, Media; U.N.; Libya, Iran, Domestic costs- N. Korea Next?; Illegal Amms deals.

No.38 (Fall 1991) Special-DoD, CIA recruitment of U.S. & intemational students; Arif Durrani's Iran-Contra case; Moon & Academia, Targeting environmentalists; CIABASE database review.

No.39(Winter 1991-92) Special-The "Good" Agencies; NED; Peace Corps; USAID & AIDS; Natl. Cancer Inst. & Bio.War; Population Control; Casolaro; FBI & Supreme Court; Robert. Gates; USSR destabilization; BCCI.

No.40 (Spring 1992) Indigenous Peoples; N. America: toxic dumps, Leonard Peltier interview; Guatemala: U.S. policy & indigenous; Rigoberta Menchu; Pol Pot Retums; E. Timor Massacre; U.S. in Pacific, GATT; David Duke.

No.41 (Summer 1992) Special-Next Enemies- LA Uprising; Geo. Bush and CIA; Bush Family; Eqbal Ahmad; UN: U.S. Tool; Nuclear Proliferation; Environmentalist Attacked; U.S. Economic Decline; Dissent as Subversion.

NO.42 (Fall 1992) Agee on Covert Ops; Peru; Fluonde; VP Bush and CIA; Nicaragua; SO/LIC; Militarizing the Drug War; CIA Targets Gonzalez; Bush Inaugural Leak; Rev. Moon Buys University.

No.43(Winter 1992-93) Chemical and biological war: Zimbabwe, So. Africa, and anthrax; Gulf War Syndrome; Agent Orange; Scientific racism; Yellow Rain & Wall Street Journal; Plus: Yugoslavia destabilization; U.S. Religious Right; Somalia.

No.44 (Sprlng 1993) Special-Public relations, buying influence, Hill & Knowlton, Burson-Marsteller, Clinton Cabinet; Somalia:"humanitarian" intervention, Rio Summit Greenwash, BCCI-CIA; Clinton & Nat. Sec. Act; Anb-Gay plans.

NO.45 (Summer 1993) So. Africa Right's Links; German Neo-Nazis; HIV Haitians; Interview: Fred Weir in Russia; Police Target Black Youth; ADL Spying; Pelican Bay Prison; Ireland's Youth; Angola Profiteers.

No.46 (Fall 1993)Economic intelligence; Israel & Iran; NSA; School of Amencas Ex-adviser reveals cover-up; Private prisons; Delta justice; Savannah River.

No. 47 (Winter 1993-94)15th Anniversary: FBI vs. Bari; Russian October Coup; Rocky Flats Jury; NAFTA Trilateralists; Zinn on FBI, Dellinger on '908; Cold War Quiz; Ginsberg on CIA; Mumia Abu-Jamal; World Bank/lMF; Evergreen Air UN/CIA Proprietary.

No. 48 (Spring 1994) Chiapas Uprising; CIA & NAFTA; U.S. Sells Out Haiti; Iran-Contra Report- L.A.-8; U.S. mercenaries in Azerbaijan; Council for Nat. Policy; Guatemala's Drug Generals.

No. 49 (Summer 1994) Montesinos, Fujimori, and Peru; Turabi/Sudan; Operation Gladio; U.S. atom tests on humans; Armenia and Azerbaijan; So. Africa's Left; Salvador's Elections.

No. 50 (Fall 1994) Operation Condor; Clinton's Crime Bill; Carto's Liberty Lobby; Monfort's Meatpackers; Low Intensity Democracy; NRO & Intelligence Budget.

No. 5l (Winter 1994-95) U.S. Interests in Haiti- Canadian Intelli gence Abets Neo-Nazis; Brockhaven Lab and Cancer; U.S. in Bulgaria; Repackaging Population; Asylum Rights for Women; The CIA Budget; Paramilitary Vacations; Bud McFarlane book review.

No. 52 (Spring 1995) Rwandan Genocide; Proposition 187; Rise of Militias; Neo Nazi Anti-Abortion Links; Groom Lake; Wall Street Pressures Mexico; Human Radiation Update; Corporations Fund Research; NSA in Cyberspace; Internet Resources; Warren Anderson located.

No. 53 (Summer 1995) Gulf War Syndrome Cover-Up; Militia and Military; Frank Donner; Arab Bashing; Hiroshima: Cold War Bomb; Iraqui Embargo; Guatemala: DeVine Murder; Bhopal; FISA Court; Omnibus Antiterrorism Act; Fourth Amendment Violation.

No. 54 (Fall 1995) Chomsky on corporate propaganda; Bosnia forum; U.S. in Kurdistan; obit for Sasakawa; Labor Now: NAFTA layoffs, Prison Labor, AFL C10 in Russia, Private Security Guards, Walter Reuther.

No. 55 (Winter 1996) Police vs. Citizen Review; Corporate Assault on FDA; PR Industry Wars on Activists; Colin Powell; UN at 50/Castro Speech; Economic Intelligence; Spains's GAL Scandal; East Timor-Britain Arms Indonesia; Bosnia forum continued.

No.56 (Spring 1996) Chomsky on "enduring truths"; High-Tech surveillance; Militarizing US/Mexico border; Papper Gas; Guyana mining disaster; Economics behind fall of Yugoslavia; Russian nationalism; US/Korea partnership and Kwangju; La Belle bombing.

No.57 (Summer 1996)Six-pack of lies, Racism in the ranks, White-collar crime, Common Law courts, INS detention, Buying the Russian elections, Chomsky on the US and Haiti, US-Israel cooperation, Anonymous remailers, Nukes in Space.

No.58 (Fall 1996)Burmese Gulag; Estrogen Mimickers & Endoctrin Distupters; Globalization of Crime and Capital; "/Counter-Terrorism" documents; Black church burnings; AID and the environment; Brookhaven whistleblowers; AIDS Conspiracy debunked.

No. 59 (Winter 1996-97) Special-- New Age of Surveillance: Hager on ECHELON; Spooks in Cyberspace and on the Internet; Canadian Spy World; NSA's Plan; and NIMA. Also: Privatizing Welfare; Mexico and SOA; Afghanistan; CIA Drug-Connection.

No. 60 (Spring 1997) Probe's Plutonium Missing; Peru: MRTA, Guerilla U., Toxic Trail, and Japan; Prison Labor; Unionbusting; University-Business Links; US Military and Columbia; FBI-CIA; Sudan: Slaver and Social Engineering.

No. 61 (Summer 1997) Turkey's state-linked killers; Privatizing Handord Nuke; Policing Activists; US torture manuals; US arms Mexico's drug war; NATO Expands; Spooks in Congress.


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