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Covert Briefs
by Terry Allen

LYING FOR A LIVING: How Washington Survives and Thrives
by Kit Gage, Clarence Lusane, Jeanne Butterfield, Betsy Hartmann, Malcolm C. Young & Marc Mauer, and Holly Sklar
A six-pack of lies about the terrorism bill, drugs and race, immigration, overpopulation, incarceration, and the scapegoating of women and people of color.

available in print only

RACISM IN THE RANKS: A Real Threat to National Security
by Tod Ensign

With white supremacists aggressively recruiting GIs, links between civilian and military racists are growing. Official investigations have produced little but rhetoric.

WHITE-COLLAR CRIME: Whitewash at the Justice Department
by David Burnham

While business cries it's crippled by overregulation, the DoJ lets corporations get away with murder by failing to enforce existing regs or prosecute white-collar criminals.

available in print only

COMMON LAW COURTS: Vigilante Justice
by Devin Burghart & Robert Crawford

Across the country, far-right activists are building an alternative judicial system. With militias as their enforcement arm, common law courts are an incubator for trouble.

BEHIND THE RAZOR WIRE: Inside INS Detention Centers
by Mark Dow

The crackdown on immigrants has filled INS detention centers. Detainees and watchdogs charge widespread physical and sexual abuse and inhumane conditions.

available in print only

BETTING ON BORIS: The West Antes Up for the Russian Elections
by Fred Weir

Horrified by a possible Communist win in the elections, the leaders of the free world joined together and opened their checkbooks with unprecedented generosity to try to insure a victory by their man in Moscow.

available in print only

HAITI: The Uncivil Society
by Noam Chomsky

While the media trumpet the success of the invasion, and the US government takes steps to ensure that democracy doesn't interfere with the free market, the Haitian people are still seeking economic justice.

available in print only

FABRICATING SECURITY: The Next Stage in US-Israeli Cooperation
by Graham Usher

A new security agreement centered on counter-terrorism is driving a new US-Israel military axis that could not only set the terms of peace in the Middle East, but, very likely, create the conditions for its next war.

available in print only

by John Dillon

The rules of privacy are changing with electronic communications, but the eagerness of government to pry into our personal communication, apparently, is not.

by Karl Grossman

NASA will soon be sending 72 pounds of plutonium hurtling into space on a rocket with a bad track record. An accident this time could bring global disaster.

by Phillip Smith

available in print only

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