Issue number 66, Vol. 5, October 10, 1998


-Nezavisni the reasons behind the defeats of the KLA

-AIM on the reactions of the Albanians in Kosovo to the initial agreement on the temporary solution for this province

-AIM on the effects of the political events in Albania on the situation in Kosovo

-Monitor on the political situation in Albania after the recent unrest

- Feral Tribune on the political aftermath of the September elections

-Nezavisni on the political situation in Republica Srpska after the elections

-AIM on the effects of the Bosnian elections on the political situation in Croatia

-Vreme on the restructuring of the Federal government and its effects on the relations Serbia -Montenegro

-AIM on the pre-electoral situation in Macedonia

At the time when two options for the solution of the Kosovo problem are still open through peaceful means or through NATO intervention, "Balkan Media & Policy Monitor" in this issue brings a series of articles which it considers relevant for the events that are yet to come in this Southern Serbian province.

Besides the analysis of causes of the quick defeat of the KLA in their clashes with the Serbian security forces and FRY Army, "BM&PM" also brings an article dealing with reactions of the Kosovo Albanian political circles to the initial proposal of the Agreement on the temporary solution of the status of Kosovo.

The crisis in Albania is also given a detailed look, as well as the effects of this crisis on the events in Kosovo, particularly whether this strengthens or weakens the negotiating position of the Kosovo Albanians.

The attention of the independent analysts from the region is also greatly devoted to the results of the recently held elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this issue, "BM&PM"carries two articles which deal with the failure of the international community to neutralize the nationalistic parties during these elections.

The article which deals with the political situation in Croatia is directly connected with the Bosnian elections ▄ it deals with the strengthening of Tudjman═s faction in the ruling HDZ party as an after effect of these elections.

The situation in FRY is examined through the question of how the most recent reconstruction of the Federal government affects the relations between the two republics in the Federation ▄ Serbia and Montenegro.

"BM&PM" also brings this time an overview of the programs of the political parties competing in the October 18, elections in Macedonia.

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