Gordana Jocic of the Kragujevac weekly "Nezavisna Svetlost" gives an overview of the takeover of the Belgrade university by the Serbian regime in the July 16, 1998 issue of this magazine.

After 28 years of work at the Electronics college, professor Slavoljub Marjanovic, PhD from Birminghm University was fired with the explanation that he needs "counselling due to inadequate work methods." Professor Srbijanka Turajlic was replaced as the head of the Computer center of this college since she "didn't have professional qualifications" for this job. The pink slip was also given to professor Mijat Damjanovic - a professor of public administration (what a paradox) at the College of Political Science, representative of Yugoslavia in the World Association for Politica Science and secretary of the Organization for Cooperation of Yugoslav and American universities.

Professor Dobroslav Mitrovic, the most renowned Yugoslav expert for international law asked for early retirement. Dr. Ratko Bozovic, the most renowned Serbian culture sociologist resigned as the Head of the journalism and sociology of culture department. The same was done by professor Ranko Bugarski at the Philology college, who resigned as the Head of the General linguistics and post graduate studies department. The list goes on...

This is not the final score. The number will definitely grow in the coming days, when newly appointed deans get to fully implement the demands of the new Law on University. The new dean of the Philology college, Radmilo Marojevic, a member of Seselj's Radical party says that "If an irresponsible man is designated as a dean, a man who is not under the control and who does not respect the law, further devaluation of the university would be continued." This is the manner he explains the situation, only clear to him, how the departure of key experts will raise the level of the university.

One of the "pearls" of the new university authority (and of course, of the red/black government that imposed this authority) is the fact that it appointed as the dean of the philosophy college in Pristina a man who was kicked out of the same because he was receiving bribes from students, who was reported by the new rector of the Pristina university, who was the dean of the same college at the time !

Vladimir Stambuk, the new dean of the Political science college in Belgrade, member of the Main Board of the JUL party and vice president of the Serbian government announced to his colleagues "three important things:" that the government has a very bad opinion of this college, that a commission is to be formed which will look through the election process of all professors in the last 20 years, and that nobody will be elected to the post if they do not have a manual published Above mentioned Radmilo Marojevic annulled the existence of 24 departments, leaving only five, the names of which he changed.

So it is obvious that the galimathias at the universities in Serbia has begun, which could have been predicted by any reasonable man when the new law was announced. This, of course, has provoked reactions from the other side, the multitude of which threaten to turn into a serious rebellion of Serbian intellectual forces, which have not been united under such a cause so far.For example, the university board called upon all members of the academic community to "join the action of more than 100 professors of the Belgrade university who are refusing to sign the new employment contracts, respecting the still valid, legal contracts with the university."

Source: Kragujevac weekly "Nezavisna Svetlost," July 16, 1998

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