The internal divisions within the ruling HDZ party are analyzed by Marinko Culic in the June 29, 1998 issue of the Split weekly "Feral Tribune."

What Granic builds during the day, Seks destroys during the night. This represents the current functioning of the building system of the Croatian authority, which likes to flatter itself that it has "built" the state.

The rifts within the HDZ are concentrated round two points. First is the demand to redefine the stance of "total co-operation" with the international community; the second one is more and more impatient demand to reexamine the "ultra liberalistic" policy in economy and social policy, which are feared to be able to change the party in power, as has happened in other countries in transition and with similar development philosophies.

A tactical truce has been established concerning everything else. This could be well seen in the stance towards the opposition, which is usually spoken about as a "hot" subject, but, suddenly, it does not interest either side of the rulers.

The exception occurred, but only for an instance, when the opposition threatened to leave the parliamentary benches if a debate is not opened concerning the educators strike. But, then the opposition itself contributed to the loss of impetus when it did not ask for guaranties that the demands of the educators will not only be blabered about under the roof of the legislature, but that they will be really respected.

Another truce was established concerning June 22 celebrations and cursorily heated up traditions of anti fascism. In all appearances of officials and official media reports, a joint fallacy appeared, as if it was written by one hand, which shows that the two factions have made a truce only because they were equally interested in that lie. In all cases, that is, the Liberation struggle between 1941 - 1945 figures only as a mathematical beginning of anti fascism among the Croats, while considered as its glorious and not repeatable finale is the victory over "Serbian fascism," in 1991 - 1995.

This removal of anti fascism from 1941 - 1945 and its moving to 1991 - 1995 is, of course, not conducted due to free time between two football games. With this anti fascism among the Croats loses its internal enemy and is totally reduced to the framework of the Serb - Croat conflict. This means that it is deprived of a notorious civillizational and historical dimension, replaced by naked nationalism, if not even racism.

Source: Split weekly "Feral Tribune," June 29, 1998

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