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BosNet is a group/forum run by volunteers. Its goals are to present and distribute information relevant to the events in/about Republic of Bosnia-Hercegovina (RB&H); and to initiate and coordinate various initiatives, etc.

The group is moderated, which means that only selected contributions are published. The contributions/opinions presented on BosNet do not necessarily reflect personal opinions of the moderator or the member(s) of the Editorial Board. To participate in a discussion on a specific topic related to RB&H, please consider Usenet group soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna.

Typical daily posting consists of newsbriefs compiled from reports by UPI, RFE/RL, NYT, Reuter, as well as numerous other sources, such as: LA, SF, Chicago dailies; WP, WSJ, The Economist, White House, New Republic, Boston Globe, various Ministry Reports, FPB, etc.). These postings are in English language.


For articles in Bosnian (or Croatian/Serbian) language(s), a separate list of subscribers is maintained at -- Bosnet-B. To be placed on that separate list, please contact the list owner.


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Croatian-News / Hrvatski-Vjesnik

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Please note that these distributions are MODERATED, and for news ONLY. In any case, do not use Reply-to-All option from an item you receive, but use a specific address given above.

News from and related to Croatia. The service is run by volunteers.

There are two MODERATED news distributions: one in Croatian (occasionally an article can be in some other South Slavic language) and one in English. Each distribution brings 20-200K of mail weekly.

Sample offering:

Croatian News (in English):
  • Foreign Press Bureau (Zagreb) reports
  • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Inc. reports related to Croatia
  • some translations from Croatian and other papers
  • some scholarly articles about Croatia
  • sports, cultural and other news related to Croatia Hrvatski Vjesnik (in Croatian):
  • occasional transcripts from Croatian papers (e.g. Globus, Vecernji list, Vjesnik, Slobodna Dalmacija, Feral Tribune)

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