/ZAMIR/!ALERTS                     ZTN: short announcements and pointers 
/ZAMIR/!CONTACTS                   ZTN: where is who? 
/ZAMIR/!IMPORTANT                  ZTN# from administration  READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/!WHO_IS_WHO                 ZTN: Users, Users, Users.... 
/ZAMIR/FORUM                       ZTN: your opinion, please 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/!AKCIJE               ZTN: freedom of expression 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/!INFORMACIJE          ZTN: what is happening in the media? 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/!RAZGOVOR             ZTN: opinions, ideas, discussion on media 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/ARKZIN                ZTN# ArkZin, Zagreb     READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/BORBA                -ZTN# Borba, Belgrade    READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/CONTRA_BELLUM         ZTN# Contra Bellum, Pancevo READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/CRO                   ZTN#                    READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/EKONPOL              -ZTN# Ekonomska Politika, BG READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/FERAL_TRIBUNE        -ZTN# Feral Tribune, Split   READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/FPB                   ZTN# Foreign Press Bureau ZG READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/JUGO                  ZTN#                      READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/OSLOBODENJE          -ZTN# Oslobodjenje, Sarajevo READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/PACIFIK              -ZTN# Pacifik, Belgrade      READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/VOICE                -ZTN# Voice, Belgrade        READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/MEDIA/VREME                -ZTN# Vreme, Belgrade        READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/NET/DISCUSSION              ZTN: your thoughts about ZTN 
/ZAMIR/NET/INFORMATION             ZTN# the newest ZTN news    READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/NET/SYSOPS                  ZTN# eavesdrop on the sysops READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/PEACE/DISCUSSION            ZTN: make love not war !! 
/ZAMIR/PEACE/INFORMATION           ZTN# how to make love not warREAD ONLY 
/ZAMIR/PEACE-GROUPS/INTERNAL      *ZTN: peace groups only 
/ZAMIR/SOFTWARE/POINTS/XPOINT      ZTN# the newest version!!    READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/SOFTWARE/TERMINALS          ZTN# a few terminal programs READ ONLY 
/ZAMIR/SOFTWARE/ZSYSOP            *ZTN: for Zerberus sysops 
/ZAMIR/SUPPORT/MODEMS              ZTN: ?? modem problems ?? 
/ZAMIR/SUPPORT/XPOINT              ZTN: a problem, an answer? 
/ZAMIR/SUPPORT/ZERBERUS            ZTN: HELP me with Zerberus 
/ZAMIR/SUPPORT/ZSYSOP             *ZTN: of course it works ;-) 
/ZAMIR/WOMEN                       ZTN: for women only 
/ZAMIR/ZAZ/INFORMATION             ZTN# status of the environmentREAD ONLY
/ZAMIR/ZAZ/GREEN-TELEFON           ZTN: questions and answers 
      |                                                                 | 
      |    Key     Access                                               | 
      |                                                                 | 
      |    ZTN: =  for all users                                        | 
      |    ZTN# =  for all users READ ONLY                              | 
      |   *ZTN: =  LIMITED ACCESS conference                            | 
      |   *ZTN# =  LIMITED ACCESS conference READ ONLY                  | 
      |   -        in front of the abbreviation means not yet active    | 
      |                                                                 | 
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