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Really cool videos from Sarajevo done by artists that call themselves "new primitives" and "top-list of surrealists" may be ordered from:


Independent radio station in Sarajevo (related to "new primitives"): RADIO ZID (zid=wall):

Wam Kat's (writer of Zagreb Diary) adresses:
wamkat@gn.apc.org or @igc.apc.org


if you wish to send a modem in Bosnia
  • Association PariSarajevo (Coordination in Paris)
    BP 288 - F 75228 PARIS CEDEX 5
    Tel: +33 - 1 - - Fax: +33 - 1 -
    Internet: michel.cartereau@inapg.inra.fr
    CCP 33 910 95 N LA SOURCE

  • Association DIA
    BP 1173 - F 69201 LYON CEDEX 01 Tel: +33 - 1 - - Fax: +33 - 1 -
    (Equipment will be convoyed to Sarajevo through Students for Sarajevo European network)

    Electronic Witches
    Women's E-mail project in the Yugoslav
    successor states
    e-mail: electronicwitches_zg@zamir-zg.ztn.zer.de


  • To provide women with the ability to communicate in areas where communication is difficult due to conditions of war.

  • To provide gender sensitive electronic mail training and support to women in the Yugoslav successor states, that strengthens local initiatives to build information, communication and action networks.

  • To provide the necessary software installation and technical support for women's organizations to access and use the regional (ZaMir) network.

  • To develop a network of women trainers in the region.

    Send a Message via the Sarajevo Pipeline

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