Excerpts from Sarajevo On-Line:

FROM:Joha Glazer Serif, Sarajevo
TO:Joha Glazer Remza ,Merkas Klita,Nazareth Ilit ,Karmel 25,Izrael

My dear wife and children, I am alive and well.  My relatives are all alive and well,
and the relatives from Remza's family are alive and well.  I would like to
ask you, my dear wife, to send me some money so I could set up  gas
installations,  because I have been freezing to death during these past
three years.  You can send me the money through the Jewish Community in
Sarajevo and *please send it DM because the value of the U.S. Dollar has
fallen*.  I wish you all a happy Pesah...  
I am an intellectual, writer born 50 years ago in Montenegro, living for 30
years in Sarajevo. I teach poetry at the University of Philosophy.  During
the war, I am writing for Oslobodenje and Bosnian War Days...I am married and
I have a ten year old daughter. My book was published in Zagreb and that's
a book of war articles and the name is Death is a master from Serbia after
a verse by German poet Paul Celan : Death is a master from Germany.  
If you could say something in two sentences to the world leaders, what
would that be? I would say: it is a great luck that in 1939 there were no
United Nations. Because if there were, Hitler would be ruling today.  
FROM: Marko VESHOVIC To: Lorie LICHTEN Response to your question: How do
you survive? Today, I must admit I am doing not so bad as I was a year ago.
I earn, writing for various newspapers, 200 DM a month.  With that amount
of money, my wife, my daughter, and I are surviving.  The trouble is that my
wife and I spend the half of that amount on cigarettes.  But it is bearable. 
What is a typical day life? Exhausting. My home has turned into a hostel.
During these three past years, 70 foreign journalists have stayed in my
FROM: Mirza Agic ISKCON Sarajevo 
TO: Lorin Kalisky 
What do you do for good time?I read Bhagavd Gita with realization of the
verses which have been spoken 5000 years ago. How do you relax? I do dance
Swami Step. Good bands in Sarajevo? Yes there are good bands like Gita
Govinda. How's night life? Nightlife-dark!  
FROM: Haris Hadziavdagic 
TO: BMW Factory Germany 
I am 20 years old and I am crazy for BMW. I live in Sarajevo, which is under
the siege for the past three years and it is impossible to find new parts
for my motorcycle BMW R - 65 made in 1981. I need a back tire and rear
mirrors. My motorcycle is the only motorcycle in this town that survived
many bullets and grenades, that was driven on turpentine, nail polish
cleaner and very little gasoline. Despite these fact I still drive it through
out this city, because this is not ordinary motorcycle. It is a BMW. Grateful
in advance. My address is: Haris Hadziavdagic Remzije Omanovica 71 Sarajevo
FROM: Davor Milicevic 
I'm eighteen years old and I go to the electrotechnical vocational school.
My Question: How many people have been killed in Paris with sniper shot
during one day?  
FROM: Alma Duran 
TO: The Internet community 
I am an eighteen-year-old girl and I am a high school pupil. I also work as
a English translator on Independent Radio called "Studio 99".  My parents
are divorced and  live with my mother. I am not married, and that is unusual
in Sarajevo.  Young people get married here very often because of the war. 
One can loose one's life very easily here every day and because of that
people are getting married a lot, all the time. What I miss the most is a
normal teenage life.  I should be traveling and having fun, making  new
friends, seeing other cities and countries.  But instead of that I have to
bring water to my flat and carry it in my hands for two or three miles. You
see, during heavy shellings we did not have any water in our homes. We had
to go to few natural sources of water, fill the plastic gallons with water
and carry it to home.  That is very exhausting.  I also miss going out after
ten o'clock, because there is a police curfew starting ten o'clock in the
evening.  But although death is all around us, we girls still try to look
good.  Our way of fighting is to look beautiful and to show to those beasts
that are killing us that youth and life will triumph over death.  
FROM: Zoran  Illich, deputy editor-in-chief of Independent Radio and
Television "STUDIO 99" - Sarajevo 
TO: The Internet community 
There are still many mixed marriages and mixed families [in Sarajevo]. The
problem is not in Sarajevo among Sarajevans because we still respect each
other. The problem concerns nationalistic extremists from the national
parties. If you don't believe that, please come to Sarajevo. In my opinion,
you will be surprised. Sarajevo is still under siege but people have the
spirit.  Don't be afraid we will survive. In conclusion, let me ask you all
a question: Is it possible in Europe to accept new politics without
nationalistic and separatist ideas and leaders? That's all and many
greetings from Sarajevo. Zoran Illich   

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