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From: Ibrahim Spahi, Director E-mail IPC_SA@ZAMIR-SA.ZTN.ZER.DE To: To whome it concern My name is Ibrahim Spahi, and I am a director of the Festival Sarajevo - Sarajevo Winter. With this letter I would like to inform you about our Festival. FESTIVAL SARAJEVO - SARAJEVO WINTER Address: Titova 7A, Sarajevo 71 000 Phone/Fax: 387 71 44 23 28 387 71 66 36 26 E-mail: IPC_SA@ZAMIR-SA.ZTN.ZER.DE Contact person: Ibrahim Spahi, Director TABLE OF CONTENTS: THEATRE CONCERTS FILM VIDEO EXHIBITIONS CULTURAL HERITAGE ROUND TABLES LITERARY EVENTS FOLKLORE ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMS PROGRAM OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION ECO PROGRAMS SPECIAL PROGRAMS The "Sarajevo Winter" Festival is a traditional cultural event with national and international character, which first season was in 1984/85 in the same time when the XIV Olimpic Winter Games took place. For ten years of its existance the Festival has proven to be an active and inseparable part of the life of the town. For ten seasons and 516 days of "Sarajevo Winter" there were about 900 various performances and exhibitions with more that a million and 750 thousand visitors and severalthousand participants. Artist coming from all over the world have given international character to the event. Since 1985 The Aristic Community "Collegium Artisticum" has been taking an active part in performances. The permanent tribune for cultural and scietific gatherings gathered about 480 scientific public and cultural workers, journalists and artists with noticable effects. The "Sarajevo Winter" Festival is a promoter and organizer together with the International Peace Center - Sarajevo of the projects "Sarajevo the Cultural Capitol of the Europe" and "Sarajevo the Open City". Project "Sarahevo the Cultural Capitol of the Europe" has been support by European Community, European Forum for Cultures (Amsterdan), Associations "Sarajevo Cultural Capitol of Europe" (paris, Brussels, Barcelona,...),etc. By organizing the Festival we call upon the World to decide on freedom, peace, creative work as substitute for starvation, death and fascism. In that way "Sarajevo Winter" Festival proves to be not a cultural manifestation but life itself. This year season of the Festival took place in Sarajevo from 7th of February to 21st of March 1995. In the framework of the XI International Festival Sarajevo - Sarajevo Winter '95, 150 projects was realized. All the theaters, galleries and cultural institutions from Sarajevo was include in the Festival, as well as artists, writers, cultural workers, etc. from abroad (Sweden, France, Spain, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, United States of America,...). For the first time, during the war, artists from other Bosnian cities had opportunity to come and participate in the Festival (Tuzla, Mostar, Visoko). Considering that artists from Zenica couldn't come to Sarajevo, a part of the XI International Festival Sarajevo - Sarajevo Winter '95 took place in Zenica. The Festival was followed by 60.000 visitors and 91 journalist from 21 information houses. This years Festival was under the auspice of Mr. Daniel Tarchiys, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, UNESCO; supported by European Cultural Foundation Communnity Europeennes and Region de Bruxelles-Capitale Cabinet du Ministre; general promoter was the International Peace Center - Sarajevo. By this way we are calling the artists, writers, cultural workers and others to take a participation in the XII International Festival Sarajevo - Sarajevo Winter '96, which will take place in Sarajevo from 7th of February to 21st of March 1996, and we ask all institutions and individuals who want to help us in organization of the Festival to contact us. In the same time I am calling the artists, writers, cultural workers and others to take a participation in the Biennial of Young of Mediteran and Europe, which will take place in 1996. From: Ibrahim Spahi} E-mail: IPC_SA@ZAMIR-SA.ZTN.ZER.DE To: To whome it concern My name is Ibrahim Spahi}, and I am a president of the International Peace Center - Sarajevo. I am sending you information regarding International Peace Center - Sarajevo. IPC - INTERNATIONAL PEACE CENTER - SARAJEVO Working Area(s): BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA EUROPE THE WORLD Program/Specialty: - Human Rights - Coordination of peace groups, women and student organizations - Direct humanitarian action - Culture - Science - Edition Address: Titova 7a, Sarajevo 71 000 Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone/Fax: 387 71 44 23 28 387 71 66 36 26 E-mail: IPC_SA@ZAMIR-SA.ZTN.ZER.DE Contact person: Ibrahim Spahi, President International Peace Center - Sarajevo works on the following projects: * The Human Rights - Commission, Round Table, books * The Information and Documentary Center * Education for Peace and Unviolence together with Academy of Science and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina * The Direct Action - Programs of production. * Publishing Work - Books, reviews (WHY, SPEKTAR, ECO-OKO, DIJALOG), posters, radio WHY and television WHY, * Action of the international character - Biennale of Young of Mediteran and Europe, Festival Sarajevo-Sarajevo Winter '96, Meeting in Point, EKO - OKO. * Cooperation with civil groups from the country and abroad INFORMATION ABOUT INTERNATIONAL PEACE CENTER The International Peace Center (IPC) started to work in 1991. That year IPC was organizer and host of European Peace Caravan. together with HCA and Citizens Forum - Sarajevo. IPC is publisher of the review "WHY" for human rights and peace on English language issue from the establishing of the IPC, and during the war too.Just before the aggression on Republic Bosnia and Herzegovina IPC had own one-hour daily program on Independent Television "Good Vibration" Now we are trying to renovate the education for peace trough the Radio "WHY". In the framework of the struggle for human rights in the IPC works the Committee for Human Rights which is consist of respectable layers, sociologists,...Committee made three reports about violation of human rights till now. We have a contact with all relevant persons and fighters for human rights. Now we are in prepare for publishing of book-document about the work of IPC in this field. * IPC have published 6 books and prepares for publishing 25 editions which titles we are sending You with this information. We would be thankful if You have possibilities for helping us in the paper and in the rest of materials necessary for publishing. * IPC with different humanitarian organizations from the Europe and the World, in the framework of project "Direct Action", distributed aid to more than 100 000 citizens of Sarajevo during the war. * From the beginning of the war, the IPC has received 2273 persons from 95 different European and World organizations, civil groups, members of European Parliament and others. These were the persons who had courage, humanism and conscience enough to came to Sarajevo at the most difficult moments and to share the difficulties with thecitizens of Sarajevo. * IPC has organized two inter religious dialogues its work is based upon principles: Awakening of conscience. * IPC organized together with the Academy of Science and Art, Academy of Fine Art, Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Sarajevo and PEN Center B&H two Meeting in Point under the title "Destruction and Tolerance" and "States of Siege" with participations of representatives from 20 countries. * IPC prepares to publish three reviews: - "Dialogue" together with Faculty of Philosophy, - "Graphics" with Academy of Fine Arts, - "Multiculture" with AIASNA. * IPC is the main producer of the Festival Sarajevo - Sarajevo Winter the first organized cultural resistance in the war and its international promotion in European countries. * IPC is promoter of the action Sarajevo Cultural Center of Europe. Also IPC is nominated as a coorganizer together with ARCI NUOVA, Rome for the next Biennale of Young Artists of Mediteran and Europe which will be in 1996. * IPC have develop a cooperation with the most of European countries. Sarajevo Dear friends, I would like to ask you to support us in our projects, which we are doing in working spirit of the International Peace Center - Sarajevo and of people ehose are gathered around the Center. Forthat reson we are sending you the list of specifications which are necessary for our work. Specification of the computer equipment which we need for book publishing and publishing of reviews "WHY", "SPEKTAR", "DIALOGUE" and for other office work: - PC 486-DX2/66 MHz - 16 Mb RAM - IO CARD, 2xRS232, 1xPARALLEL - SVGA, 1o24x768, 2 Mb - MODEM CARD - 400 Mb SCSI-2 HD - 3,5" FLOPPY - 5,25" FLOPPY - 20" COLOR MONITOR (14' COLOR MONITOR) - KEYBOARD AT-101, ASCII - MOUSE, 3 BUTTON - MODEM 2400/9600 - PRINTER HPLaserJet IV -UPS 500 W -SCENER A4 For publishing the books by International Peace Center we need following things:-KB paper offset 80 gr/m A-1 250.000 sheets - book jacket woodless cardboard 250 gr/m B-1 3.000 sheets - paper offset 120 gr/m A-1 3.200 sheets - covert paper 120 gr/m A-1 5.500 sheets - film scener S 712 p 40x50/150 4 boxes and appropriate chemicals - film 0 711 p 0,406x61 m 25 boxes and appropriate chemicals - kemolit plates - perl APO 745x620x0,3 900 plates and appropriate chemicals - sheet's multicolored color 50 kg - sheet's black color 250 kg - bookbinder's linen - Pitex 1.700 m - white cardboard number 25 1.700 boards - bookbinder's gauze 500 m - demonstrative band - white (0,5 m wide) 4.000 m - decorative band - white (0,5 m wide) 550 m - glue librokol 200 kg - hot glue 200 kg - foil for plastification ( 35 mm wide 0,20 mm stoutness) 10.000 length meter - developer for plates 200 liter For the Radio "WHY" we need: 1. AGK earphones K141/2 4 pieces 2. Earphones with microphone Rona CD- 2 pieces 3. FM processor ASCOM TEC, 3 areas with limiter, AGC, compressor and stereo coder 1 piece 4. Phone mono channel hybrid ASCOM TEC TLH 100 1 piece 5. Receiver FM/AM 20 memory TEAC T-X3000 1 piece 6. Radio link for modulation transmission, studio transmitter (transmitter-receiver 200-400MHz, 2-15 W output) 1 piece 7. Professional dynamic microphone SENHEISER 3 pieces 8. Digital/analog tape-recorder for reporters 2 pieces 9. CD, LP, tapes of classic, pop, rock music at Your choice Specification of necessery machine and rest of equipment for needs of one little printing house: 1. offset - format A3-B3-A2 2. book-binder's knife - minimal opening - mouth 80 cm 3. machine for plying and perfirating 4. copy machine - frame for snapshuting the plates 5. montage table for mounting of preparation 6. sewing machine - electrical 7. book's binders press Specification of materials necessary for making photo-documentation and exhibits: FILM ILFORD, HP5 (136-36) 100 pieces DEVELOPER ILFORD ID-11 (2,5 liter) 5 pieces FIXER ILFORD HYPAM (concetrate) 5 liter PHOTO PAPER ILFORD RC-DE LUXE, MULGRADE III MGX.1M: - FORMAT 18 x 24 cm 5x100 pieces - FORMAT 50 x 60 cm 5x 50 pieces DEVELOPER ILFORD PQ univerzal (concetrate) 10 liter FIXER ILFORD HYPAM (concetrat) 10 liter All materials are in black and white technology. Specification of equipment for expanding of TV technical-technological system: OPTION 1 1. 1/2" 3 CDD camera, studio configuration 2. 1/2" 3 CDD camera, studio/ENG (Hi8) configuration 3. mounting coulpe Hi8/Hi8 4. digital effect generator/video mixer 5. digital audio mixer 6. video monitor 9-14", X2 7. video monitor of high resolution, 14" 8. earphones 9. lighting OPTION 2 1. 1/2" 3 CDD camera, studio configuration 2. 1/2" 3 CDD camera, studio/ENG (Hi8) configuration 3. mounting coulpe Hi8/BetacamSP 4. digital effect generator/video mixer 5. digital audio mixer 6. video monitor 9-14", X2 7. video monitor of high resolution, 14" 8. earphones 9. lighting OPTION 3 1. 1/2" 3 CDD camera, studio configuration 2. 1/2" 3 CDD camera, studio/ENG (Hi8) configuration 3. mounting coulpe BetacamSP/BetacamSP 4. digital effect generator/video mixer 5. digital audio mixer 6. video monitor 9-14", X2 7. video monitor of high resolution, 14" 8. earphones 9. lighting Specification of computer equipment for the School of Informatic. This specification is for two candidates.We plan to continualy educate a students. 1. 386/33 Mhz, 8Mb RAM 2. 2 serial. 1 parallel 3. HDD 500 Mb 4. VGA 1024/768 5. 17" color monitor 1024/768 6. FDD 3,5" 1,44 7. 200 W power supplay unit 8. 101 keyboard AY 9. MS mouse 10. Printer EPSON LQ 5707 Except this we need following softwere: 1. MS DOS 6.2 2. MS WINDOWS 3.11 3. MS WORD 6.0 4. MS EXCEL Specification of equipment for the School for learning Foreign Languages "WHY NOT" (English, German, Franch, Italian, Spahish, Arabian languages). The needs of the School are: 1. Equipment for audio-visual method of work (phono labarotory, tape recorder, diascope) 2. Video recorder 1 piece 3. TV 1 piece 4. Books - modern methods of learning languages with cassettes 5. School supplies: notebooks, pencils, etc. THIS SARAJEVO GROUP OF AUTHORS comprises the larger part of the city's film makers, as well as a substantial number of writers, poets, painters and other interested creative artists. The group was formed in 1990 with the principal aim of protecting the filmakers and their work. At its inception the group directed its attention towards the short forms of propaganda, advertisements and music videos. But later it broadened its activities, producing, in conjunction with BiH TV, the documentary "Kuduz - truth and lies." The film was entered at the FIPA festival in Cannes in 1990 From the very beginning of the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina the crews of SAGA have taken to the streets, on a daily basis, detailing the very pulse of the besieged and ravaged city. In addition to this everyday activity, the group's members are currently preparing three features films from the documentary material culled from the daily shoots. Starting on 8 November 1993 a two minute film was being shot daily in Sarajevo and later the same evening shown just before the headline news in the USA (WPIX and Tribune Channels), France (TV France), Britain (BBC2) and Denmark (TV Denmark). Preparations were under way for the program to be shown in Japan, Holland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Germany and in the countries of Eastern Europe. This program, entitled "Sarajevo -Street Under Siege" is cooproduced by the French Point du Jour company, the BBC and SAGA. This program was to be broadcast from November 8th to December 7th 1993. "Sarajevo - A Street Under The Siege represents a sort of revolution in contemporary TV media production presenting directly, with no commentary or the imposition of journalistic opinions, a glimpse of the daily life in the besieged city of Sarajevo, This is also a completely new approach to presenting the events taking place in Sarajevo and in Bosnia & Herzegovina, enabling the viewer to witness the life and thoughts of Sarajevans clearly and directly. This project received Price Award of British Royal Academy for original idea (European Oscar). In addition to this very important project the SAGA material is currently translating and subtitling to the French and English versions of the film, which was presented at the FIPA Festival in Cannes in January 1994. In November, 1993 SAGA's own Nedzad Begovic (director) and Ahmed Imamovic (cameraman) returned to Sarajevo having spent two months filming around the free territories of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They brought the precious material they filmed and which was later viewed and edited. SAGA helped organized the Sarajevo Film Festival "Beyond The End Of The World" which took place in Sarajevo from 23 October to 3 November 1993. The festival program itself comprised and showcased a large number of SAGA films that have so far been seen by audiences in the US, Canada as well as many European countries. In addition to these, five films from the SAGA Production were premiered at the festival. SAGA has placed its potentials in the service of the future film art and industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A large number of young people now are working as volunteers in SAGA receiving their first knowledge in film SAGA has also offered its services to the Academy of Performing Arts and the new class of film students, enabling newcomers to achieve first hand practical experience. SAGA PRODUCTION: Sa Life" Since the beginning of the state of siege, SAGA's team (about 40 people) has made a pictorial newspaper. These documents have been compiled under the title of "Sa Life" and constitute an almost inexhaustible resource for programs. These documents are shown regularly in Festivals all around the world. SARAJEVO: A Street Under The Siege" Since autumn 1993, SAGA has realized in cooproduction with the "Point du Jour", a chronicle called "Sarajevo A Street Under The Siege". This daily two minute program always filmed in the same street, is retransmitted the very same day on several channels. "Man God the Monster" The biggest SAGA project in this period is feature film entitled "MGM - SARAJEVO" which is made out of three video documents realized separately by Ismet Arnautalic, Ademir Kenovic, Mirza Idrizovic, Pjer Zalica. The 35mm allowed the film to be presented during the Fortnight's Directors days (at his invitation) in the Festival of Cannes in Nay 1994. "Perfect Circle" On the other hand, SAGA is engaged in the development of a feature movie which will be filmed is Sarajevo. "Pefect Circle" was written by Abdulah Sidran and Ademir Kenovic and will be directed by Ademir Kenovic. The project is directly supported by French Ministry for Culture, Foundation CNC, EuroImage as well as by TV channel ARTE. It will be made in coproduction with SAGA -Sarajevo and SCARABEE - Paris (in main coproduction relation) as well as with HILIGARD -Holland and a Hungarian production company. The goal is to transcend the standardization of documentary pictures through a fiction. PUBLICITY MATERIAL The video, called "SA-LIFE" (SA stands for Sarajevo) united the urgency of evening news with the macabre plot turns of horror film... outstrips anything seen on television." "Mr. Kenovic's film is hand-held view from ground zero of the war civilian victims, as shoot by video makers from all major ethnic and religious groups working without press passes, armed scorts of flak jackets and creating haunting, if technically erratic, affidavits of sudden death in Sarajevo." NEW YORK TIMES Surpassing all horror films, these documents describe the daily martyrdom of Sarajevo with the brutality of a non- filtered reality undiluted by the great official propaganda organs or television news. LE MONDE This is part of chronicle, and whether it's boring or not, melodramatic or not, or moving or not, it must be shown." WERNER HERZOG Going to the movies has always been my greatest escape from life, its boredom and horror. But Sunday night life caught up with me at the movies. Bosnian filmmaker Ademir Kenovic had somehow made it out and would be shoving a collection of videos at the San Francisco Film Festival documenting nightmare in Sarajevo. SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS Watching the "ethnic cleaning" of Bosnia on TV, it's impossible to fully absorb the horror of that situation. A filter goes up when we see war atrocities on a TV screen - a protective shieldthat reminds us we're safe, insulated from the madness... Looking into Kenovich's mournful eyes and hearing first-hand his description of Sarajevo today, one understands for the first time what life is like in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina." SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE These films are not just meant to save Bosnia, they are made to help save the rest of the world from these terrible states of mind..." THE BALTIMORE SUN A sense of urgency permeated a harrowing program videos presented by Bosnian director Ademir Kenovic. "I am awfully sorry to be gloomy," said Kenovic, as he introduced the 80-minute lineup of work produced by film pros, students, and artists, many still living in Sarajevo. Each of the seven videos Kenovic presented, culled from roughly eight hours of material, was desperately surreal." THE VILLAGE VOICE I would like to say it's privilege for me be given the opportunity to speak about work that Ademir Kenovic and the entire SAGA crew has done here. They are not the only people who have joined the battle for the defense of Sarajevo by using culture as a defensive weapon, but they are certainly amongst the most prominent of those people, the most courageous, and I would say also, the most modest. Ademir has been for me not only a close personal friend during the time of the siege of Sarajevo, he has introduced me to the city, to many of the most courageous and noble people of the city, and he's made a great deal of difference to me in my coverage of the siege of Sarajevo and to, thus, my ability to tell through the pages of the New York Times what has happened here. It is not by any means universal amongst the people who could have come to the defense of this city that they did. Speaking as a westerner and as a foreigner I share the feelings of regret, I would say almost shame, at how little has been done by the international community to sustain this city in its hour of need. Even as we speak the city is still under the most severe siege that Europe has seen since Leningrad fifty years ago, and I would hazard one of the most severe sieges in the history of Europe. There are twelve, perhaps fifteen thousand people dead in the soccer stadiums and graveyards of this city, another fifty to sixty thousand wounded, many of them so severely wounded that many of them will never walk or function normally again, and I believe that we in the West had the power to stop this. Somebody said, I'm not quite sure who, maybe it was Edmund Burke, that for evil to triumph it is necessary only for good men to do nothing. In this case, we in the West were the good men. We didn't exactly do nothing but we certainly didn't do anything like enough to stop this tragedy. We left in essence Sarajevo to defend itself. People like Ademir and his colleagues, Serbs and Muslims and Croats and Jews and Slovenians, people who represent what this city stands for, what this city has been for five hundred years, they were not found wanting when this challenge arose. The example that they have given, I think, shames those who have chosen not to stand up at this time but stands as a shining example to everybody, to all of us, and I think that the people of Sarajevo, the people of Bosnia, and all people in the arts around the world can be proud of what they've done. JOHN BURNS (Pulitzer Price winner), Sarajevo August 16th, 1993 AWARDS GLOBAL VISION & SAGA PRESENT in association with SA-LIFE of Sarajevo GROUND ZERO SARAJEVO: LIFE IN THE CITY UNDER SIEGE ONE HOUR SPECIAL FOR WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION This is an inside out perspective, shot by film makers, not news reporters, offering personal points of view that are painful - but riveting. This material has just been screened at the San Francisco Film Festival, and closed this year's Cannes Film Festival at the invitation of Francis Ford Coppola. Now, for the first time, it is available in a television program that also includes a powerful interview with the gaunt but eloquent film maker who describes the details of life in hell. There is also footage showing him and his ensemble of film and video students at work in the rubble strewn streets of city under fire. In May 1993, Kenovic invited Globalvision, producers of "Rights and Wrongs: Human Rights Television," a weekly newsmagazine series, to produce a TV Special featuring these gripping films and videos for broadcast to television audiences worldwide. "SARAJEVO GROUND ZERO", a one hour special, includes dramatic footage from city under fire, personal video diaries including one from a woman who married the corpse of her lover on the day he is buried; and the confessions of a Serbian soldier who describes his role in 35 murders and 16 rapes and more. SAGA WORKSHOPS In addition to the large number of film makers, renowned film auteurs and film students, SAGA also has an ever growing number of volunteers, young people who feel their call in life is connected to the art of film making. Perhaps the most precious knowledge is that which is acquired through experience and work, as in the old days of apprenticeship, through direct contact with older colleagues. But, with all due respect to these traditional values, SAGA leaves nothing to chance. Conscious of the fact that we are now setting the foundations for our cinematic future, we have decidedto introduce a new way of working with our young members. Our endeavors are being channelled into a program we've christened SAGA WORKSHOPS. Nearly everyone from SAGA is involved, as well as a number of eminent guests. Professor Mehmed Aksamija from the Academy of Fine Arts holds lectures on the subject of Theory of Frame Composition (in the meantime prof. Aksamija fell victim to the SAGA "virus" and has filmed and edited a film of his own. Nuno Arnautalic instructs younger colleagues on the use of our technical equipment, especially the editing desk. Alongside these, we are training our members in the use of the computer, the ubiquitous equipment of our age. In September we organized a week-long Documentary Film Workshop which is run by Dana Rotberg, film director from Mexico who taught at a number of renowned film schools around the world. We are also planning a workshop dedicated to the THEORY AND PRACTICE OF FILM EDITING, to be run by Zijo Mehic, a professor at the Academy of Performing Arts. In the near future we aim to organize lectures on the theory of information, aesthetics, history of art, history of film, drama, literature... Even though every single working day at SAGA is packed full with various production duties filming and editing, we still manage to find the time and room for this segment of our activities and we are certain that this is equally important as the documentation of the cruel reality we live in, for both find their purpose and meaning in the future that lies ahead. TO:BETH ALPERT PRITCHARD special assistant to vice president AL GORE THE WHITE HOUSE-WASHINGTON D.C. FROM:ALAIN LE ROY deputy special coordinatorfor SARAJEVO UNITED NATIONS DEAR BETH, I take the opportunity that this week SARAJEVO is linked to the rest of the world through the internet network to send to you an electronic hello. After the Harvard Kennedy school last summer I came back to my ministery in FRANCE .But as of 1st of March 95 I have been seconded by the French Government to the United Nations to serve as Deputy Special Coordinator to Willam Eagleton,the American ambassador. I am the director of operations for the restaurations of the public services in SARAJEVO,in water,gas,electricty,transport, railway,education,health,civil enginering ...according to the resolution 900 (March 1994) from the U.N. Security Council. I cut a lay story short as I do not want to saturate the network.But I would he very glad to have news from you and even if possible some help from the U.S. Administration for our projects. To contact me in SARAJEVO: _tel:385-1-180 011 EXT 7614 _fax:385-1-180 011 EXT 7616 Hope to hear from you soon. Best souvenirs, ALAIN. Message 2 FRom:Ratko Orozovic TO:Everybody in the world I am an artist, movie director and an author.I was born in Sarjevo, but I consider myself as the citizen of the world.I am 51 years old, married , have two children.All my life I have been dealing with humor.I directed 365 programs and 20 documentary programs. I am asking the world to bring back peace, order and work here in this territory. We were one big happy family, but unfortunately the marriage turned out to be a failure. There is no divorce, but the children are suffering, and there is a need for help. The world has to make us make up. There is still love in all of us. I made my living from art but the politics are teaching us to die, so I want to say that one day I am going to make a new party which will be called "Peaceful United Nations".I am calling all of the people round the world to join us and in that way we can chase away the war from this country. FROM: tabakovic TO: Vera Bogdanovic, Harksfeider 26/1, Hamburg 20065, Deutschland Dear Vera, I received your letter and I answered right away, but then I got this opportunity to reach you in this way I congratulate you and your husband Vlado on the wedding of your daughter and Dejan. Miro brought me the tape of the wedding and I saw it. I am very glad about that I recognized you right away but I didn't recognize Dejan. My son is still in Rome but unfortunately he is not working because there are a lot of unemployed people overthere.I worry about him a lot. That's it for now. Greetings from Anica and Zoran. FROM:Oscar Vidacek TO:Iva Pehar, Citluk 88260, Gradnici My dear cousin Iva! We received your package and we thank you a lot. We wrote you a letter right away and you will get it later.Many kisses and greetings from your cousin Oscar. Please write to me. FROM:Oscar Vidacek TO:Jelena Micunovic, Svetozar Radica 7, Zeleni Vijenac, Beograd Mu dear Sandra, Zoran and Lela. I love you and worry about you a lot. How are you? Have you seen Ljerka and Ljubisa? Give my regards to everybody else. Write to me. Love, your dad Oscar FROM:Oscar Vidacek TO:Ivan Vidacek, Z.P. Krivodol, near Mostar We received the package from Iva and we thank her a lot. How are all of you?I've send you a few letters bit I didn't get any answers. Write to me and don't forget me. Love to you all from Oscar * QUESTION FROM: Elizabeth Barrett The message from Alma Duran is the most powerful thing I have evr read. Please can this be published in The Guardian, it would wake so many people up to hear her talk about the deaths of her friends and her anger at the hypocritical West. I wish her and all her people the very best and will do the very little I can to draw their plight to the attention of the British. Elizabeth Barrett. FROM: duran TO: Elizabeth Barret I received your message.Thank you very much for everything that you are doing. I would be very glad if the message which I wrote is going to be published. Now to answer you on your new questions. It is very hard to feel optimistic about the future because everything here is pointing out that this war is going to continue for ages. A lot of people are also leaving the city because of that, and everybody who are staying are afraid of what is going to happen in the future. No one can predict anything. You know, one of the ways of how we survived this hell is that people become more closer and attached to each other. So I guess that I can say that here you can see and experience solidarity in a group. Now this is like a comment for what you have said about people's strength here. I don't mean to phrase myself, believe me that's the last thing I want to do, but not everyone is strong as I am. So do not think that in general peole are strong. They were before but after three years of constant horror everybody are exhausted or they are out of their minds. A lot of people are really crazy. A lot of people left and only the strongest are staying, but they are also fed up with this poor imitation which we call our everyday life. That's it for now. I hope I will be hearing from you soon! Bye, ALMA FROM: Ana Tabakovic TO:MIrela Vaskovic, Via to Vaglieri, 329-Sc-E-In.9, 00155-Roma-Italy My dear Bebuska, I have this opportunity to ask you:"How are you?".How is your health and how is Ganni? We are all well.Oscar, Vedran and I are sending our love.Zdravk was here a few days ago and he's well.How is my son Zoran? Give our regards to everyone. We love you all Anica FROM: tabakovic TO:Karmen Celigoj, 7934-State Rte.43, Kent , Ohio 44240, USA Dear Karmen and Frank. I have this opportunity to ask you how are you doing, as well as how are you and your children? How is Michael? Is there anything new at your place? I am well if you can say so -I am alive, my son is in Rome.He wanted to go Liana's place, but he was refused. Now he's trying for Canada, but there he also needs a sponsor. That sponsor can be every church , but somebody has to ask that for him. It could be also send from the USA.† So I would like you to do that if it's possible and I would be grateful to you for the rest of my life. We all love you very, very much and greet you. Ana, Anica and Zoran * MESSAGE FROM : Florian Bieber Dear Readers, my name is Florian Bieber and I am a 21 year old history and political science student in Vienna (from Luxembourg). I would like establish contact with some students or journalists in Sarajevo. I am publisher of the European Student Magazine the House. It is published three times a year by students from all over Europe. Unfortunatly we have not had any long term contributer from Bosnia-Hercegovina. I would be very glad find contact with an interested person in Sarajevo. In my studies and my personal interest I focus on the Balkans. It is a region, which is so much more than all the cliechee always try to make it. It really makes me cry on some days, that I never managed to go to Sarajevo, before the war started. I hear from good friend in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Belgrade that Sarajvo had the best Borek in the world, among many other more important things... I hope for your responses, Thanks in Advance and All the very Best, Yours, Florian Bieber. FROM:Sandra Jankovic and Ivonne SHoshic TO:Florian Bieber Sandra is studying journalism and Ivonne is studying agriculture and we are members of the Association of the Jewish students. Apart from that we are broadcasting a program "Radio La Benevolentia" on the Independent Radio "STUDIO 99." We would like to establish the contact with you and the rest of your colleagues. Our address is :Jewish Community, Zidovski prolaz 1, Split, Croatia (for the Jewish Community in Sarajevo-to Sandra Jankovic, radio station).We expect your letters. Love Sandra and Ivonne FROM:Dijana Hadzic TO:Everybody I am a housewife and I have two children.My son is 14 and my daughter is 10.My husband is constantly on the front so I am alone with my children at home most of the time.I am 42 years old. I have a little baby daughter,she was born before it was meant to be and she is very ill.Right now she 9 1/2 months old.She hasn't got enough calcium and vitamins in here body, and she is on heavy medicines since she was 2 months old because of her illness. Through this action I ask somebody to help me in any way if it is possibl,becouse my baby is very ill and my husband and I can't afford her the right kind of professional help. Thank you in advance. FROM:Jeronim TO:World's high diplomacy IS THERE REALLY ANY KIND OF WORLD COMMUNITY? IS THIS THAT NEW WORLD WHICH WE ARE EXPECTING? Your excelencies! Dear gentleman! At the very end of our century world started to gather round one big idea about creating a world community, and in the epicenter of that is a human being as an individual person , a human being with his or hers human rights HUMAN BEING, HUMAN RIGHTS-those things sound so proud, don't they? This whole idea was imagined, and where else of course then, in the USA.Europe was later imagined as a living rabbit on whoom this process of new integration is to be fulfilled.And so all the way up to Bosnia , when the unity of these mutual interests was shadowed and even disturbed in realization Europe was knocked out. And the fact that Bosnia "happened" here is not important. Bosnia is a metaphor of expected condition."Bosnia" had to happen somewhere so the essence of hidden but present and confronted interests would be revealed, which are hidden like the ice berg in the water, while above the surface one can see only 1/11 of this ice berg.Bosnia is the dirty laundry of worldly and especially European community, their garbage which they are trying to put under the carpet. Is it clear to Mr. Juppe or to Mr.Kozyrev that people are really getting killed in Bosnia.Young people... FROM: Lutvija Sefercehajic Istarska 7 Sarajevo phone: 456300 TO:Mr. Faruk Gutic 223S.CARSON ROAD Beverly Hills CA 90211 phone: 1310-652-3907 1310-652-0119 Miki, javi mi se molim te telefonom. Potrebna mi je tvoja punomoc radi stana. A ona treba da izgleda ovako: GUTIC FARUK L.A. DATUM? ADRESA? OVLASTENJE Sa kojim ovlastenjem moju sestru gospodju Lutviju Sefercehajic rodjenu Gutic sa stanom u Istarskoj 7/II Sarajevo, da me zastupa bez ogranicenja do mog povratka u Sarajevo. S postovanjem Javni Notar (potpis i pecat) br. licne karte Potpis FROM: Lutvija Sefercehajic TO: Natasa Gutic 230 LINDEN AV. 301 LONG BEACH 90802 USA Svi ti iz Sarajeva cestitatmo 17 rodjendan!! Happy 17 birthday from all of us in Sarajevo!!! FROM: Jovannina Tadic Kranja Tomislava 4 Sarajevo TO: Enybody in Italy that can help My father Giuseppe Colombato (father: Pattista, mother Viatti Margerita ) was born in Jiam near Torino on September 27 1869. He died very long ago and I have informations that some of my reletives are still alive. I am begging everybody that can help me find some of my living relatives. If you know eneything please contact me on the adress shown above. I am very greatfull for eny information you can give me because I am very old and I do not want do die and do not no do I have eny living relatives. Thankful in advance; FROM: Jamakovic Derva Miljenka Cvitkovica Sarajevo, phone 615315 TO: Jamakovic Radzima Ruelle Bu Four 14 1400 YVERDON SWISS Dobro sam i zdravo, a od tebe nema odgovora a ovako ti ne mogu mnogo pisati. Molim te javi se telefonom poslije 17h. Takodje te molimo ako mozes da pomognes. Jamakovic Derva 1278/81 Miljenka Cvitkovica 32/5 Sarajevo. SCHWEIZERISCHE KREDITANSTALT ZUERICH za VAKUFSKA BANKS D.D. SARAJEVO broj 00151 - 082 - 823 Voli te DERVA We are all O.K. but you are not calling . Call us by phone after 17h. We ask of you to help us. FROM: tabakovic TO: Tabakovic Zoran Via Degli Astalli 14a 00186 ROMA CENTRO ASTALLI Italy My dear son I am taking this chance to inform you that all of us here love you very much and that all send greatings with Oskar and Vedrana. How are you? How is you health. Write to Liana. I have send you an adress of Nade and our relatives that are currently living in Canaa if you need them. Love you very, very, very much your mother Anica. FROM: tabakovic TO: Leanna Sias 13004 136 AVE SE RENTON WASHINGTON 98059 USA Ana from Sarajevo loves you very very much. I am all right? How are you? How is Richard and the kids, the parents? Say hello to everybody from me. I am very worried for my Zoran. He is still in Rome. The lady that he was staying with drank a lot so he moved to other place. Zoka is my life, my eyes, my sight, please help him. He is a golden boy. I will be very greatful. Many greetings from Sarajevo. FROM: DHO "Nasa Djeca" Novi Grad Trg Solidarnosti 18 phone: 545242 TO: Children Friends Of all the Sarajevo municipalities, Novi Grad has a greatest number of children. Organization "Our Kids" is working for 40 years. Beside food, clothing they need toys, paints and everything that every kid needs for schooling and is not available to them due to war circumstances. If you can please help me. It would probably bring joy to kids in our town and municipality. Thanks! FROM: sosevic TO: Omanovic Vernesa Geissmatt str.62 6004 Luzern, Schweiz phone: 9941/41/36 84 92 Draga Veco, umorna sam od rata i osjecam se tako staro. Javi se sto prije. Nedavno sam dobila tvoje pakete. Hvala ti za sve! Dear Veco, I am so tired of war and I feel so old. Call me soon. I have received packages you have send me. Thank you for all you did! If you know something about this girl, write me abot her, please. She use to be and still is best friend of mine . Best wishes Anesa. * QUESTIONS FROM : MAURICIO SILVA Hi everybody in Sarajevo, Here in Brazil we're really concerned about the Bosnia situation, we are praying to peace ... Why some people still figthing , we are near the 21th century, it's time to PEACE!! What do you think about??? Good Luck!!!!!! Mauricio Silva Campinas - Sao Paulo - BRAZIL FROM: sosevic TO: Mauricio Silva Hello Mauricio! I haven't ever been to Brasil, but I would like it. I usualy dream about sunny beaches, big waves, crazy nights in discos, about careless life without war. Write me about Sao Paolo, please. I have few questions for you: 1. How old are you? 2. What is your job? 3. Have you ever been in Europe and where? 4. How do you spend your days and nights? My best wishes - Anesa FROM:Celebic Mustafa TO: Mrs. Kostich Desanka 4333 Hammel Street L.A. California 90022 USA At first I would like to great you and to ask how are you? Also, I would like to know why you do not write to me. You know my address it is still the same. In meantime, I have sent several letters to you, last message which I got is written 01-12-1992. With kind regards Mustafa FROM: Celebic Mustafa Muhameda Hadzijahica 35 Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina TO: Business Conection USA 41 Sutter ST SUITE 1395 San Francisco California 94104 I have found your address and your public notice in our newspaper "Oslobodjenje" of March 1992. In your notice a job was offered by the wording "Your material, my hands". If it is still actual, I would like to do that. I am engine engineer by profession and I have area and mechanical and electrical tools. I would like you to inform me about this at the address shown above. Best regards Chelebich. * QUESTIONS FROM:Martine Clarenson, catholique fervente, Rodez, FRANCE 1-Comment peut-on s'entretuer au nom de la religion? How can one kill others in name of religion? 2-Comment supporter d'Ítre divisÈ dans une mÍme famille? How can one be divided among the same family? 3-Pourquoi les gens se laissent-ils manipuler par des fanatiques? Why are people manipulated by fanatics? 4-Que faites-vous pour la paix ? What do you do for peace? 31/28 FranÁois Outters, responsable des fusions acquisitions # Paribas 1-Que pensez-vous du plan europÈen de partage de la Bosnie? What do you think of the European plan to split up Bosnia 2- Comment voyez vous votre futur? How do you see your future? 3- Vous sentez vous europÈens? Do you feel yourself European? 4- Comment peut-on conjuguer foi et nationalisme? How can you combine faith and nationalism? 5- Tous les musulmans sont-ils favorables # une Bosnie unie? Are all the Muslims favorable towards a united Bosnia? FROM:PODRUG Elmedila TO:Martine CLARENSON Pourquoi posez-vous cette question quand l'histoire nous montre beaucoup de guerre de religion?Ce sont les serbes qui ont provoqu, cette guerre de religion pas seulement contre la religion des Bosniaques mais aussi contre l'Humanit,.Il faut que vous connaissiez beaucoup de donn,s sur l'histoire de la Bosnie et surtout sur la tol,rance des Bosniaques. Il n'y a pas du tout aucun problSmes _ props de la vie des marriages mixtes parceque ici les gens se sont m,l,s depuis toujours . A l'egard des familles s,par,es ,je peu dire que la nostalgie devient plus profonde au fur et _ meusure que cette separation est longue.Il arrive que les gens se suicident _ cause de l'impossibilit, de voir leurs plus chSres.Leur ames est souvent plein d' amertume mais pas de haine.C'est cela qui distingue les Bosniaques des Serbes. Puisque je suis Bosniaque ,vous devez me demander _ ceux qui nous attaquent. Je m'efforce de rester vivante .C'est l'unique moyen de faire quelque chose pour la paix dans la ville de SARAJEVO assiege. FROM:DRECA ZEHRA 21 years old TO:JOSE ANTONIO DEL MORAL PEREZ Comme etudiante en journalisme aussi,je repondrai a ta question. Aujourd'hui,quand nous avons obtenu un petit peu d'electricite,oui,nous avons la possibilite de lire des journaux et de regarder la television.J'ai beaucoup d'amis en France qui m'envoient des journaux,et j'ai aussi la television par satellite et je peux regarder les opinions des gens normaux (c'est a dire des gens qui n'ont pas vecu toutΠ et qui peuvent regarder objectivement).Mais avant l'arrivee de l'electricite, j'ai pu aussi ecouter RFI qui est une radio internationale. Oui, je sais ce qui se passe dans le monde peut etre mieux que toi parce que je le sens. Je comprend les problemes au Rwanda meme si ces problemes sont plus serieux qu'ici. C'est tres triste. Il faut faire quelque chose. Et moi je sais ce qui se passe en Bosnie et en Serbie mais il me semble que le monde ne le sais pas. C'est le fascisme qui se passe entre la Bosnie et la Serbie. En Bosnie les gens desirent vivre ensemble comme toujours. Et, aujourd'hui a Sarajevo il y a beaucoup de Bosniaques ( serbes musulmans et croates). Qui peut nous convaincre du contraire? Qui peut nous forcer? C'est tres difficile de vivre dans la ville assiegee, mais quoi faire? Ce ne tuer? Fuir? Laisser les Tchetniks nous tuer? Les communications ne sont pas le plus grand problemes en Bosnie. Pour qui veut entendre et savoir ce qui se passe dans le monde, il y a toujours des possibilites. FROM:Vesua KULENOVIC(directrice du centre culturel francais de SARAJEVO)tel;44-44-42 TO:directeur du centre "GEORGE POMPIDOU"-PARIS MONSIEUR LE DIRECTEUR, le centre culturel francais de SARAJEVO existe et fonctionne depuis presque un an et il est en train de constituer son fond. Comme notre fond audiovisuel est epuise, je prends la liberte de vous adresser un appel pour nous fournir du materiel audiovisuel concernant soit de grandes expositions ayant lieu a Beaubourg ou ailleurs a Paris et en France, soit des monuments culturels et historiques, des evenements des regions et des beautes naturelles de la france.Ce serait votre apport a l' enrichissement du fond de notre centre,mais en meme temps l'occasion pour les citoyens de SARAJEVO de mieux connaitre la culture et la civilisation francaise; En vous remerciant par avance,je vous suggere de les envoyer au: centre culturel francais de SARAJEVO sous couvert de l'ambassade de FRANCE en BOSNIE-HERZEGOVINE. Message 3 DAY TO DAY WITH SARAJEVO RESIDENTS From March 29 to April 10, 1995, the residents of Sarajevo will have the chance to respond to questions posed to them by the Internet community. The conversations will focus primarily on aspects of daily life in Sarajevo, a city that has been under siege for three years. The teams of journalists from the World Media Network will only distribute the actual conversations that take place from day to day. But it will be up to the residents of Sarajevo to decide which questions to answer. WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER APRIL 10, 1995? Sarajevo On Line isn't meant as a one-shot operation. Besides there is a direct link with Sarajevo: The ZaMir (for Peace) Transnational Network is an electronic mail network in the region of former Yugoslavia especially dedicated to helping peace oriented people and groups, humanitarian organisations, NGO's and the alternative media in order to improve their communication possibilities. For more information, please send mail to the AEGEE at or check the AEGGEE's Web server at HOW TO WRITE TO THE INHABITANTS OF SARAJEVO You can send email to Sarajevo residents: write to: sarajevoonline-en@cnam. fr to send a question in english sarajevoonline-fr@cnam. fr to send a question in french HOW TO READ THE DIALOGUES BETWEEN THE NETWORK AND SARAJEVO On the World Media-Sarajevo On Line server: You can use a Web client software like Mosaic or Netscape and direct it to one of these URL: On the news: The messages coming from Sarajevo will also be posted on the News (Usenet) in the groups: alt.current-events.bosnia and soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna Directly in your mail: You can sign up to be on a mailing list which will transmit the messages to you directly. * In French: Send a message to with "subscribe" (not in quotes) as the subject. * In English: Send a message to with "subscribe" (not in quotes) as the subject. You can cancel your subscription by sending the message "unsubscribe" (not in quotes). Message 4 FROM:Vesua KULENOVIC(directrice du centre culturel francais de SARAJEVO)tel;44-44-42 TO:Tous les centres culturels francais des pays francophones. je voudrai vous informer que depuis un an a SARAJEVO fonctionne le centre culturel francais avec sa bibliotheque d'environ 2000 livres ,d'une trentaine de revues et de magazines,de trois quotidiens et de la bibliotheque pour les enfants . Pour les citoyens de SARAJEVO,qui vivent dans un blocus informatique et physique, depuis plus de 3 ans,c'est une possibilite extraordinaire d'etre renseigne sur tout ce qui se passe en france et dans le monde,soit dans le domaine de la culture,de la technique,et de la politique.Le centre culturel francais est un endroit ou ont lieu des manifestations diverses telles que rencontre, expositions, concerts et projections. Il faut souligner que les manifestations sont aussi organisees dans d'autres locaux de la ville,et on envisage aussi d'en organiser dans d'autre ville de BOSNIE. Toute sorte d'echange culturel prendrait un grand interet pour le centre culturel francais de SARAJEVO.Nous serions tres reconnaissants si vous pouvez nous envoyer sous couvert de l'ambassade de france en BOSNIE -HERZEGOVINE des livres,ou du materiel audiovisuel _ propos de votre pays(K7,etc...).Cela serait votre apport a l'enrichissement des fonds de notre centre qui est toujours en train de se constituer et en meme temps de donner l'occasion aux Sarajevien de connaitre d'autres pays. Grace a votre effort, vous avez ouvert une breche dans le blocus et SARAJEVO pourrait redevenir le vrai centre de la culture comme elle etait auparavant. En vous remerciant par avance,je vous suggere de faire passer vos propositions par le centre culturel francais de SARAJEVO sous couvert de l'ambassade de FRANCE en BOSNIE-HERZEGOVINE. FROM: Besirevic Nina Marcela Snajdera 3 444908 TO: Rest of the world I think that people are generally tired. Everything that happens in Sarajevo can be sensational story and make someone famous in his country which is far away from mud and blood and become national hero. I personally think that those kind of peel have a need to enjoy our suffering on us and they will receive good pay for it. That is not going to help us. But, it is all human and if we could change places it would probably be the same. FROM: tabakovic TO: Hilberg Margarita 997 Madison Ave Pennsylvania, OH. 4407 USA My dear aunt. I just want to say that I am all right and I wish you are. My son is still in Italy. He is without money and without a job. I beg you to try and help him. I would be greatful for the rest of my life. Thanks. Love Anica FROM: tabakovic TO: Luka Puljic 3685 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CAL. 94123 USA Dear friends of mine! Many greatings from your friend from Sarajevo with her son Zoran. We are alive and well! How are you and your kids. I have writen several letters to you by now and I would like very much if you will answer me. Just to hear from you. My son is in Italy. He wanted to visit you but he need a donator and that could be any church. Many, many greatings ANA FROM: Sijarcic Mervana Mahmuta Busatlije 1 Studenski dom Sarajevo TO: Cirikovic Ramiz Duinnsburg Germany I would like to ask someone to find this man because I have not heard from him since beginning of the war. I am very worried and I would like if someone will help me. If you find him say him this: Javi mi se jer ne znamo nista o tebi i tvojoj porodici. Javljala sam ti se ali nije bilo odgovora. Ako mozes javi se da znam da su svi dobro i zdravo. Ja sam u Sarajevu vec godinu dana. Idem na medicinski fakultet, druga godina a radim u drzavnoj bolnici. Sama sam ovdje. Mozes mi se javiti na ovaj broj telefona 66 47 24 lok 337. Puno vas voli vasa Mervana Please try to contact me, becouse we don't know anything abut you and your family.I send you messages many times but you didn't answer me.If it is possible do contact me so I will that you and your family are allright.I've been in Sarajevo for a year now.I attend the University of Medicine-second year and I also work in the state hospital.I'm alone here. You can call me .My phone number is:66 47 24 lok 337. Love, Mervana FROM: Male population of Second Gimnasium in Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina TO: MTV's The Most Wanted Hello! We are group of pupils that loves very much your show. We have only one thing to ask you. We want of you to organize one big concert in Sarajevo, with many famous groups and singers. Among them would be: Dire Straits, Mettalica, Claw Finger, Pink Floyd, U2, INXS, Beastie Boys, Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Stone Temple Pilots... We are very grateful to Bruce Dickenson for coming here. Other famous musicians should follow his example. We except from you Ray too to come here. LIFE IS THE BITCH AND THAN YOU DIE. We are: Amidza, Slema, Muki, Edin, Adi, Goran, Ena, Malco... FROM: Adnan Selmanagic Sarajevo TO: Kamenica Amela Mountain Drive 14 Atlanta USA Vozdra! Iz skole se javljam preko nake organizacije.Danas se ponovo pucalo po Sarajevu ali valjda ce ponovo biti mirno.Zovi me ponovo subotom jer sam tada najcesce kuci.Pisat cu ti kad budem imao priliku. Puno te voli Adnan Sarajevo,07.03.1995 Hey! I am writing to you by some organization. We hope that is going to be peaceful. You can call me again on Saturday because I am usually than at home. I will write you if I get a chance. Love you Adnan FROM: Emir Varnica Sarajevo TO: Tufo Emira Key Road 862 Potr Angeles Wash. USA Zdravo! Evo imam priliku da ti se javim iz skole preko "Internet"-a.Uskoro mi stara treba izaci u Svicu,pa cu ti preko nje poslati duze pismo,koje ce sigurno stici.U Sarajevu se ponovo puca i sve je napeto.Ja sam dobro,idem u skolu i pravo je zajebano.Dobio sam tvoja pisma i slike.Super su.Ocekujem da mi se ponovo javis.Za sada toliko. Puno te voli, tvoj Emir! Sarajevo,07.04.1995. Hello! I have a chance to call write you throught Internet. My mother is soon to go out the city so I will send you a longer letter. The situation in Sarajevo is tense again and I go to school. It is very difficult. I have received your letters and photos. They are great. I except you write me again. That is all for now. Love you your Emir FROM: M.MULABEGOVIC@ZAMIR-SA.ZTN.ZER.DE TO: We are club of pupils from Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo. We are writing you with the wish to make some contact with you. We could use your help in any possible way. If you are interested contact us on this E-mail address in Sarajevo. Every help is welcome. Grateful in advance. FROM: Dzeko Edin Sutjeska 20 Sarajevo TO:Sendic Almir Amberger str. 44 Bucloe Deutschland ZDRAVO! Kao prvo hocu da ti se izvinim sto ti se dugo nisam javljao.Sada koristim priliku da ti se javim preko "INTERNET"-a. Posto nemam toliko vremena da ti sve opsirno pisem reci cu ti samo ukratko o dogadjajima u Sarajevu proteklih mjeseci.Naravno pisacu ti samo o stvarima koje nas interesuju.Kao prvo granate opet padaju po Sarajevu.Sto se tice mene nista novo (naravno osim tvojih tena). Korisim ovu priliku da se zahvalim tebi i tvojima na paketu i svemu ostalom sto ste ucinili za nas. Sto se tice stvari koje su te interesovale mogu ti reci da se u Sarajevu desavalo dosta dogadjaja te vrste. Mozda bi trebalo naglasiti koncerte grupa Bellcoons, Sai -Sai i Bruca Dickensona. Ja sam dobro kao i svi ostali. Izvini sto ti ne mogu nista opsirno pisati zbog nedostatka vremena. Pisacu ti i sve podrobnije objasniti drugom prilikom. Puno pozdrava tebi, Izetu i starcima od Edina. Hey! The first thing I want to do is apologize to you for not writing so long. I am taking this opportunity to write you through Internet. I don't have enough time so I will be short. Grenades are falling again, and for me there is nothing new. I am taking this chance to express my thanks on packages and everything you have done for us. Many things interesting for you happen here. Concerts of Bellcoon Sai-Sai and Bruce Dickinson. I am all right like others here, as much as they can be! Greetings to you, Izet, and parents from Edin * QUESTIONS FROM :skuffler@MIT.EDU Hello. My name is suzanne. I am interested in the state of veterinary activity in Sarajevo. could you kindly put me in touch with someone working in this area as I wish to collect and send modest sorts of supplies but any list is of interest and I will see what I can do. Please provide an email address and a telephone if you can . sincerely email to Suzanne FROM: TO: Hello !!! My name is Sanjin Jeginovc and I am contacting you from Sarajevo ! I think I can help you with your problem, cause I have some contacts at the Sarajevo's Veterinary University. I would like you, if you can, to send me more information about this university I am writing to, because I would like to continue my education on it. So I would like some information about how I can apply on it. Sincerely Sanjin Jeginovic P.S. Please contact me through my E-mail address : FROM:"Circle 99", Sarajevo TO:Everybody The Association of Independent Intellectuals called "Circle 99" in cooperation with "STUDIO 99" has published the first edition of the Magazine of free mind "99".Tomorrow on the 7th of April this first issue of this magazine will be promoted in Collegium Artisticum in Sarajevo.Because this year is a official year of tolerance in the world, a round table with the topic "Tolerance-democracy- political power" will be held. The first issue of this magazine was published with the help of the reward from the foundation "King Baudouin". The Magazine of free mind will be published once a month in Bosnian as well as in English language. - Zoran Illich * QUESTIONS FROM /FROM: "Hunt, William" Subject: questions for students I am a professor of History at St. Lawrence University in New York State. I also direct a small charitable program called the Solidarity Project which has been sending books, recordings and video tapes to to Sarajevo. We have begun an American Cultural Center in the office of the European Student Club, in Trg Oktobra. My American students and I would like to know what kinds of musical recordings, films, and magazines the students of Sarajevo would most like to receive, so that we can donate them. (I'll be coming to teach at the University of Sara- jevo for a month this summer, so I can bring the stuff with me.) We'd also like to know about the best musicians in Sarajevo, which we know has some terrific rock and roll. Perhaps one of your groups could tour America? Vozdra! William Hunt FROM:Adil Kulenovic editor-in-chief of NTV "STUDIO 99" TO:William Hunt There is a realistic hope about reconciliation between Muslims and Serbs ,when and if the formula ( needless to say that this formula is ethical division) for Bosnia is changed.The first signs from the world and the International Community about the change of this formula have indicated the meeting of ambassador Muhamed Filipovic with Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade.Today, a former very well known politician Ivan Stambolic is coming to Sarajevo as he was expected, with new suggestions.Seven representatives of Karadzic's parliament formed a group of Independent delegates.It is expected that very soon they are going to make a contact with the opposition on Bosnian side. Yesterday, dr. Ivan Djuric and dr.Zarko Papic arrived to Sarajevo at the invitation of "Circle 99".Tomorrow (Saturday, the 8th of April 1995.) a scientific meeting will be held under the name of "Tolerance-Democracy-Political power".Also in that occasion a magazine of free mind "99" will be promoted.The assembly of Serbian Civilian Council will be held on Sunday.The arrival of Serb intellectuals (dr.Dragan Veselinov, Nenad Chanak, etc..). from abroad as well as from Serbia is expected Kindly Yours Adil Kulenovic editor-in-chief of NTV "STUDIO 99" FROM:Parents of Edgar Ferusic TO:Edgar Ferusic, C.Putget 77-20-2a, 08023 Barcelona, Spain Dear Edgar, We are using this opportunity to wish you once more happy birthday .We wish you a lot of happiness and success in your life.Many hugs and kisses to you and your family. Mom and dad FROM: tabakovic TO:Slavica Antic, Klippvaegen 8E, 46400 Mellerud, Sverige My dear Slavica, I got your address from Jelena Mitrovic, so I wrote you a couple of letters. I don't know if you've received them.I would be very glad if you could call me. I am son is in Rome. How are you and your family? from Hid is in Sweden but I don't know his address. Many greetings from Ana FROM:Jeronim F. Baric TO:Hans Kronenburg und Jac Hansen, DAF Trucks, P.D. 90065, Hugo v/d Goeslaan 1, 5600 PT, EINDHOVEN, Niederlande Meine liebe Freunden! Da unsere Postwege funktioniren noch immer ueberhaupt nicht und eventuelle Nachricht ueber Roter Kreuz reisst sehr, sehr langsam oder Keinesfalls, konnte ich Ihnen nichts melden.Aber, zuerst, ich moechte Ihnen und Ihre Kollegen meine groesste Bedanken fuer Ihre grossartigen Bemehungen ausaessern?danke vielmals fuer Ihre Gedanken die Sie mit meiner Famile sehr often beschenken;Ich bin wissend und ich weis dass unsere abnormale Situation nicht uns nur irritiert.Aber, das Leidendste ist dass keine Hoffnungen sind umetwas vernuenftige im kurzen Zeit zu erwarten.deswegen bitte ich nocmals, die Moeglichkeit fuer meine Umzug nach Holland sorgfaeltig zu ueberpruefen.Sie wissen schon meine Arbeitscharakteristiken.Fuer einige gut Nachricht wuerde ich Ihnen grenzlos dankbar sein. Die Einzelzeitzn: 1.-Ich weiss nicht ob Sie die Naehrmittelkiste ueber ADRA sndten und wann?2.-Ein zuverlessigen Weg fuer Geld zu schiken ist ueber CARITAS, dass der Katolische Kirche gehoerte -Sie kennen sich im naheste Bistum informieren .Esist ueber Bistum in Zagreb (genau Name :Nadbiskupski ordinarijat vrhbosanski; Vikarijat za prognanike i izbjeglice; Kaptol 29, 41000 ZAGREB, Croatia, tel?041-27 56 05) nach Bistum in Sarjevo auf meine Name und Adresse eingerichtet.3.-Sie koennten sich mit meiner Schwester LJubica in Verbindung setzen.(Baric LJubica, tel.511-79 43 33, Hannover 30419, Haltenhoffstr. 181, Dutschalnd, und sie ist gut informiert ueber Moeglichkeiten fuer Geld und Paketen zu schiken.Sie spricht bisshen Deutsch Ich nuetze die Liebste Aktion SARJEVO ON LINE, die als E-Post bis 10.April dauert. Freundlichste Gruessen aus leider noch immer traurigerem Sarajevo, Ihr Jeronim F. Babic FROM:Almin Karabegovic TO:Nada Lazic, Beocin village, Near Novi Sad in Serbia I arrived safely home after 4 months in the concentration camp. Greetings Almin FROM:Aleksandar Knezevic TO:Everybody The Earth summit which was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. accepted the global plan about confrontation with world's most urgent problems and needs ( the exhaustion of natural resources , pollution of enviroment, uneven developments , powerty, wars). This plan, called AGANDA 21, is established on the concept of maintained devolpment which doesn't provoke the conflict between economy, enviroment and society .Today Sarjevo is the place were the easiest thing to do is to set up a development on new bases, not just becouse the economy of Sarjevo sufferedd great damage rather then becouse all of Sarajevians quit with their old way of thinking , they also created new standards of values and new ways of more racional use of sources. The culture of the citizens of Sarajevo is supplying the new ground for the new development, and the experience with the development OF Bosnia and Herzegovina in the time when this country was a part of Austrian-Hungarian empire points out that B&H is a fertile ground for the reception of new technologies. During the war (at the beginning of the year 1992.)I formed my own firm (CETEOR)which is going to give services on the bases of upstanding development (development and the use of new technologies which are more efficiant for society and economy, and with whoom the exhaustion of the resources and the pollution of the ground is reduced).Together with a group of enthusiastic people at the end of the1994. I founded FONDEKO-Fondation for stimulation of sustainable development and for quality of life).I want to establish an operation with everyone who is interested-individual people,firms, ungovermental organisations and others. Aleksandar Knezevic FROM:Sabaheta TO:Rusmira Delic, OSTR 51 , Dueselsorf ,Deutschland Everybody in Sarajevo is alive and well. FROM:Reifa TO:Nusret Hanjalic, Neuffen, Deutschland Many greetings from your sister Reifa,and please call on the tel.number. 0 23 62-32717 nad I also want you to call this number 211-748-9369. FROM:Enisa Ivkovic TO:Fatima Mojic, Nojjs Bergheimnerstrasse 1A, Deutschland Please write to us as soon as possible and say hello to all of our family. FROM:Suad TO:Everyone in Great Britain Is it always raining in London and does the fog ever rise in that city? Many greetings from Suad. FROM:Sefika TO:All actresses round the world Send us something that could be useful.Love Sefika FROM:Layla Hadzimehmedovic TO:Valery Zahorujko, Rosenhof str.4, Hamburg,Deutschland Many greetings to Valery from Layla. FROM:Family Karamehmedovic TO:Family Wenzel, Hoton Han Plac, Heinelberg, Deutschland Many greetings from family Karamehmedovic FROM:Sanela, Aida and Jasmina TO:Adnan Agovic, Ankara, Turkey If anyone knows this guy Adnan, please call him and send him our regards. FROM:Relatives of Elvedin Jasarevic TO:Elvedin Jasarevic, Neuaigen 12, Badreuzen, Austria We've received your letter and money.We'll call you.Your relatives. FROM:Jasna nad Sabina TO:Ivan Curak, island Chiovo, Croatia Many greetings from Jasna and Sabina.Please try to contact us. FROM:Senka, Sarajevo TO:Remzi Hallman, 89014 Henderson 411 Past tr.MW, USA Many greetings from Senka and please call around 22 o'clock every night if you can. FROM:Sanela, Sarajevo TO:Halid Bajtovic, Austria My best regards to you and please call me. FROM:Habiba Taric TO:Nafija Ljajic, Kladnica, Serbia Don't worry, Igot out of the hospital and everything is allright. FROM:Velida Klepo TO:Farum Becirevic, Neudorf Hauptstr. 156, Austria Please call this telephone number:53 24 52 FROM:Relatives and friends from jakub Subashic TO:Jakub Subashic, Center for medical help, Lecce, Italy Best wishes for a quick recovery and many greetings from your relatives and friends. FROM:Behka TO:Dragica Drobnjak, Narodnih heroja 21, Belgrade, Serbia Please contact me in any way if you can.Love, Behka. FROM:Zoran TO:Andre Aperez-Korea, 75011 Ambroise , France Many greetings from Zoka FROM:Vesna KULENOVIC, directrice du centre culturel fran¡ais de 387 71)44-44-48 TO:MONSIEUR LE DIRECTEUR DE LA BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE DE PARIS. Monsieur le directeur, Le centre culturel fran¡ais de SARAJEVO fonctionne depuis presque un an,et dspose d'un fond bibliothequaire d'environ deux milles ouvrages non enregistres ainsi que certains magazines et de revues. En suivant l'experience des autres centres culturels,il serait impessable que notre centre ne dispose pas de cd rom multimedias et de cd . Ceci nous aiderait grandement dans notre travail qui n'est pas simple " cause des conditions que vous imaginez. Naturellement je vous serait tres reconnaissante si vous pouviez nous aider.Si cela vous est possible,envoyer ce materiel au centre culturel Francais de SARAJEVO sous couvert de l'ambassade de FRANCEen BOSNIE-HERZEGOVINE. Veuillez agreer,Monsieur,mes plus sinceres salutation. FROM: Lejla Gotovusa - SAGA (SArajevo Group of Authors) TO: Everyone SHAME ON YOU!!!! FROM: Damir Tiric - SAGA (SArajevo Group of Authors) TO: WORLD Only facts are thousands of dead! FROM:Amela Sehic - SAGA (SArajevo Group of Authors) TO: World I don't feel enything. I don't have any idea or message for you! FROM: Sanela Pandzic - SAGA (SArajevo Group of Authors) TO: World If you are interested in facts about Sarajevo, you should come and see. There is nothing else I can say. FROM: Sergrj Blasev - Samarski - SAGA (SArajevo Group of Authors) TO: World It is nice that people feel with you. I think you can't help us but, you can help yourself a lot. Don't let the same thing happen to you. I am saying this because I see a lot of things in Europe that I have seen in former Yugoslavia two or three years before the war. Understand it if you want it is your choice. FROM: Amir Telibecirevic TO: Daniel Regio 1046, N. Benton Center RD. Benton Harbor, Mi. 49022 USA University of Electric Engineering Hay Dado! How are you these days? As you can see I found a new way to send you a message. When you come to Dubrovnik, do you want to try to come to Sarajevo with your sister Vesna or only to stay in Dubrovnik for few days? I saw Aunty Mirsada when she was in Sarajevo two months ago. It was sudden meeting and she told me that you want to come to Dubrovnik, but she wasn't sure about Sarajevo. If you come here, try to find me. I am still living at the same adress you have. The girl to whom you have been talking on tha phone is my sister but unfortunally I wasn't at home. Did you receive a message from Rusmo or enybody else from ILidza. Please write me by Red Cross or anyhow. Have you received my letter in blue envelop. I just want to know did you get married and how is it at the University? Watch out for AIDS!!! Sarajevo On Line