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DAY TO DAY WITH SARAJEVO RESIDENTS From March 29 to April 10, 1995, the residents of Sarajevo will have the chance to respond to questions posed to them by the Internet community. The conversations will focus primarily on aspects of daily life in Sarajevo, a city that has been under siege for three years. The teams of journalists from the World Media Network will only distribute the actual conversations that take place from day to day. But it will be up to the residents of Sarajevo to decide which questions to answer. WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER APRIL 10, 1995? Sarajevo On Line isn't meant as a one-shot operation. Besides there is a direct link with Sarajevo: The ZaMir (for Peace) Transnational Network is an electronic mail network in the region of former Yugoslavia especially dedicated to helping peace oriented people and groups, humanitarian organisations, NGO's and the alternative media in order to improve their communication possibilities. For more information, please send mail to the AEGEE at or check the AEGGEE's Web server at HOW TO WRITE TO THE INHABITANTS OF SARAJEVO You can send email to Sarajevo residents: write to: sarajevoonline-en@cnam. fr to send a question in english sarajevoonline-fr@cnam. fr to send a question in french HOW TO READ THE DIALOGUES BETWEEN THE NETWORK AND SARAJEVO On the World Media-Sarajevo On Line server: You can use a Web client software like Mosaic or Netscape and direct it to one of these URL: On the news: The messages coming from Sarajevo will also be posted on the News (Usenet) in the groups: alt.current-events.bosnia and soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna Directly in your mail: You can sign up to be on a mailing list which will transmit the messages to you directly. * In French: Send a message to with "subscribe" (not in quotes) as the subject. * In English: Send a message to with "subscribe" (not in quotes) as the subject. You can cancel your subscription by sending the message "unsubscribe" (not in quotes). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * FROM: Marko VESHOVIC TO: Ned TEMKO I am an intellectual, writer born 50 years ago in Montenegro, living for 30 years in Sarajevo. Teaching poetry at the University of Philosophy. In war I am writing for Oslobodenje and B&H War Days... I am married and I have a ten year old daughter. My book was published in Zagreb and that's a book of war articles and the name is "Death is a master from Serbia" (a verse by german poet Paul CELAN : Death is a master from Germany) What is life in Sarajevo? Life in Sarajevo can be called life only if one speak in polite manners. To whom can one be polite in Sarajevo? To God who gave us our lives. So if we don't want to be rude and unpolite to our creator we can say that what we are experiencing today is life. Usually, this only a bare imitation of life. Or even better this is not life, this is a prisonners uniform. And everyone who died in Sarajevo for the past three years by natural death was envied by the others. Because he or she took off his or hers prisonners uniform. So according to that, the question : are the services back in normal? is ridiculous. You sit in a street car and ten minutes after they carry you out of it wounded or shot dead by a serb bullet which was fired from the snipper guns. Are the schools functioning? They are. But do you know how are they functioning? I have a ten year old daughter. She is attending the 4th grade class of elementary school. She still hasn't learn anything. Meanwhile she is a healthy normal and clever girl. So can you say the schools are functionaing since they have not taught my child anything during these three years? Do Sarajevans think that international and UN forces are able to do anything? They are able to do a lot of things but they won't do anything. Because they do not want to do it. According to my opinion, international and UN forces look to me as a doctor who has to cure a cancer patient. But they do not succeed. Why? Because they have to stay neutral. They cannot choose the patient's side. They have to be neutral towards cancer. Their mandate is like that. If the war is over, could Sarajevo be reconstructed? Of course. Warsaw was destroyed in the WWII and leveled to the ground. After the war it was reconstructed as it was before.But Bosnians can not do that with Sarajevo. We are beggars. Bosnia was economically and financially squeezed by the Serbs, like lemon. If it is worthwhile for the world to reconstruct Sarajevo, it wil do it. * FROM: Marko VESHOVIC TO: Lorie LICHTEN Do you feel isolated from the world community? Why do they let your city be destroyed? The answer is we feel mostly, as the things which are forgotten by the travellers in the trains. We know, today nobody cares about the destructions of our city, about us who are living a dog's life. We know that it is boring for the whole world to watch news on TV about Bosnia. We know that we are not liked in the world. Because nobody likes sufferers, they awake bad conscience. With our suffering, we are stoping the world to think about itself as perfect. * FROM: Marko VESHOVIC TO: Carla RAPOPORT What is life now? I already answered. I only may add that we are convicted to live exclusively in NOW. We do not like to thing about tomorrow, because we do not expect anything good tomorrow., and what happened before hurts us. It hurts us because of a thousand reasons. So there is no exclusive NOW for us, like for fishes and trees. Do you get enough in the shops? Such a question could only be put or asked by a person who does not have a slightest idea about what is happening here. Do your kids get the right kind of education? They get. The situation under siege is the best university of all in the world. If somebody got education under grenades that one understood everything in life. Today, there is no doubt our children understand everything. Snippers bullets and grenades explained them everything. I am only afraid of this: if they understood everything in their tenth or twelveth year of life, I am afraid that the rest of their lives will be boring for them ! Do you want your children to grow up elsewhere? Will you try to get them out of the city? I won't try. I could have taken out my child out of the city a long time ago in the April of 1992. I didn't do it and now let her be here. And when you refer to the question about her growing up elsewhere, I think that where you are things are a hundred times better. But you created your world for yourself and not for me and my child. And here is my world. Mine and my child's. May be it is hell, but my child should, when she grows up, do everything, like I am doing right now, to make this world of ours more bearable. * FROM: Marko VESHOVIC TO: Dominique DESANTIS New peace treaty agreement? That new peace treaty agreement would be the 158th one. To expect something new from this one would be madness. Which are the governments measures that would provide peace in the region? As the Bosnian Army gets stronger and stronger, the peace will be closer and closer. Everything else is a ridiculous story. According to that: if Bosnian government takes any measures to make our army more stronger, then that should be greeted as government's new step towards peace. What are the things that make you and Sarajevians safe? This question was put by an ignorant man. There is not a single place in Sarajevo on which a grenade has not fall in the past three years. So how can anyone feel safe in Sarajevo? We breath unsafety with our air, we drink unsafety with our water, we eat unsafety with our bread. We are people who feel: not alive - but alive for now. * FROM: Marko VESHOVIC TO: Lorin KALISKY How do you relax in Sarajevo? I already told you about having fun. And relaxation is a world which lost meaning in Sarajevo. Nobody does anything so nobody can rest from that nothing. But the invisible burden which each and everyone of us is carrying on his or hers back cannot be removed. We are tired of ourselves. * FROM:Haris Ceremida TO:LORIN KALISKY I am a eighteen-year-old boy,and a work as a technician on Independent Radio "Studio 99" I have a rock band called EDGE and i am the singer. Music relax me the most. That is not slow music but some kind of heavy noise. I think it is very important for me. I had a few concert with my bands. That was a small concert, but i hope i will make big concert in music halls in the future. * FROM: Marko VESHOVIC TO: Laurent MICHEL How do you communicate with the outer world? Me personnally, through the journalist who come to me. But in everything: the outter world does not mean anything to me. It is becoming for me as an uncertain rumor. What do you think about the UN action? I think that the UN are making a lot of money on our tragedy. Which is fine. Because that was before, and that will be for ever. The UN are supplying us with food to survive. The survivors are being killed by serbs. So the UN are feeding poultry for the foxes which are going to eat them. Because they do not do anything against the foxes. * FROM: Salman MANDICA - sima Ferhatovica broj 204 - Tel 54 14 94 TO:Everybody For Sarajevo, which was never divided or conquered, I think this Internet operation is very important. Our city has been for a long time now, in the lack of the world information system. The suffering of civilian population of this multiethnical city and old civilization and good people is slowly been forgotten. Our suffering in the city, as well as the suffering of the population in the whole state, which is attacked by the Serbian-Montenegrian aggresssor is more or less seen before, but in concrete prevention of this big evil of 20th century, we have not seen any results. We are more and more sinking in worldly Milk and Honney. It seems like that the world likes to ear about us only when big tragedies happen - when the agressor carries out a massacre of innocent people, the medias pay more attention to us and nothing else. Maybe one day we will be disgusted at other people's destiny outside Bosnia. I look for concrete actions of the International Community. The old lady Europe is still not aware of what is happening here. Fascism, which came back to life in its worst shape in the 20th century is already in their rooms and not in their back yards. They are not aware of that. Do they need to see our suffering and in that way be reminded of that? The world has to find out what is happening on the ground of this country, which has been drenched with blood for the past three years. Besides the situation that we are in, besides the aggressor who kills and destroys us without mercy, the world does nothing. On the contrary, the world is helping in our extermination. The world has to know, in what perfidious ways our people were destroyed. Through so called humanitarian aid, which is given to us, we are, in that way quietly disappearing. Ask yourselves : what are we eating? And what is send for food by the world? Further, speaking about the UN organization, I think that is a group of people who cannot solve anything and who cannot also put into effect any deed. The concrete facts are that we Bosnians and Herzegovians and also Republic of Croatia, which is in a similar situation are being attacked by the same aggressor. UNPROFOR IS A GROUP OF WORLD MOBSTERS. Through UNPROFOR, every illegal institutions from the world which are against everybody and everything are working. Concurrence of events, I was a member of peace keeping troops of UN in Sinai in Egypt in 1960/61. I was a real soldier and an honourable representative of my people. Today, everything is totally different. Such displays of peace keeping forces as these are dangerous for the UN itself. Today everything is worse than it was before. The citizens, the whole country and its people are more affected in aggressive and perfidious manners by the UN than by the aggressors. The resolutions which are written only on paper are the exact proof of what UNPROFOR is. I think, when one speeks about our country, one must know about the Serbian lobby which is not well known in the world has a very big influence thrrough all institutions of UNPROFOR. The same thing is probably true with UNHCR too. Well to emphasize all of the UN missions in our country, are interwoven with interests of the great world powers and trough their institutions are getting by organizations with the most negative harbinger "Aid for endangered nations".I can say that we are endangered by UN and UNPROFOR. Simply, they do not do their duty, or they do it in disadvantage of our people and our country. There are innumerable exemples for this assertion. So my question to UN Secretary General Mr.Ghali is what does he do, does he see when he doesn't see and vive versa? The time has come for him to resign from the function which he doesn't do with dignity. The time has come for the world community to begin to see. Midnight passed a long time ago or did your clock stopped working when you made the first resolution for Bosnia and Herzegovine? I thank you for your attention. Selman MANDIC * FROM: Jasmina/Jasi/NJUHOVIC, SARAJEVO, Sutjeska 9 TO:Everybody in touch with James George BOUTOS,poet, Oakland, California and his brothers David and Tom, Sacramento and Charles SIMIC, writer, his friend Dear Jim, I owe you an answer: police made me break with you. What a coward I was. I have deserved Sarajevo. I am as miserable as you predicted. It's hell here. I'll tell you more about it if you decide to get in touch with me. Please send me your news. Love, Jasi * FROM:SOSEVIC ANESA;TV journalist from studio 99 TO:Michael SRAGA I am Anesa Sosevic from Sarajevo. I had finished literature of world and library science. Now I am a TV journalist and I will run program called the little talk of night. People who I will call in my program, they will not talk about politics and i am not interested with political man because they bore me. I want to say about my town Sarajevo. Sarajevo is a mixture of east and west and that is why the most interesting town in the world for many visitors and travelers. Sarajevo is a real intersection of different civilisations. before the war was a amusing town under open skies the most beautiful part of town is BASCARSIJA that is heart of old part of town Sarajevo was a town of young people. Almost half the population was under 30. Many people loose their life in war and many friends of mine left Sarajevo 3 years ago therefore I am very lonely and very unhappy. Besides being today's valuable cultural monuments, the sacred buildings churches mosques sinagogues more than 4 centuries old and erected virtually side by side represent also species of monument to the mutual cooperation of the peoples who have lived here. The history of this town does not record and did not record any conflicts between its inhabitants. I am finishing my letter by words of my favorite poet. His name is Mak DIZDAR : The earth is sown with the seeds of death , But death is not the end. In truth there is no death. And there is no end. Death merely illuminates the way up from the nest to the stars. My best regards and wishes Anessa

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