Even before the war in former Yugoslavia, new nationalist governments cut off communications between their subjects - to better groom them for hate. Politicians would fully acomplish that goal if there was not for a bunch of daring hackers standing in their way. They set up an Internet-like network between the Anti-War and human rights NGOs in all parts of former Yugoslavia. This network is today known as
ZaMir [for peace] Transnational Network, or ZTN.

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The Sarajevo Pipeline is the World Wide Web interface into the
ZaMir Transnational Net (ZTN).

Use the form to send a message which will be sent via email through ZTN
and will be accessable to users of ZTN in the Balkans region.
Messages submitted via the Sarajevo Pipeline will be posted publicly on the World Wide Web for others to read.

The ZaMir Net functions as a network of bbs-like relay stations--there is no "live" internet connection in most of the region, therefore the www is not
available to most users of ZTN. Please keep in mind that most of the infrastructure has been destroyed by war, leaving most people with no running water, no electricity
most of the time, and very few telephone lines. Although the U.S. Military is deployed in the region, acts of war continue--it will be years before a "normal" lifestyle will be restored. People in Sarajevo, for example do not "surf the net"... Communication via email is a privilege reserved for very few people there, and messages sent through the Sarajevo Pipeline/ZaMir Net are relayed via personal contacts, NGO's in the region, on radio, and in some print media.

For those looking for lost family members and friends, please also try
the People Finder Service, a database-driven service
designed to help in the difficult and time consuming task of
reuniting families and friends separated by the war in former Yugoslavia.

This Project is a Cooperation between ZaMir Net, PeaceNet, and

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